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About meEdit

Well, well, well! lookie here, a profile page! huh...what to add on this thingamabob..! oh I know! :3 erm...

hi? born from Hawaii, you know, the small little bunch of islands a bit south of the U.S.A. >_>. I was born as a natural artist, drawing things since I was 2..or was it 3? anyways, kept drawing my entire life, and it finally pays off with actual art ^_^! though my handwriting is atrocious XD! I'm what you can say a pure Hardcore gamer....what? You know, the guy who cruises through ridiculous odds in a level after a few tries, shooting things in the head with a mere pistol, or just screaming out a good ol' fashion "WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" with my bare fists up :O. I know some people think I'm mean or a grouch, or a good smartass, but deep down, I'm a real softie. A 'heart of gold' some people may say, I just hope for the betterment of my friends, close ones, and family, and the hopeful future of good communities such as this site! Oh and I'm 20 :|

Out of any weapon skills, I would have to say, hands down, nothing beats Explosives. the little smirk you make as you chuck a grenade into a hallway full of no-good baddies. The giggle as a couple of raiders scream before being tossed up in the air as they trip a few land mines well placed. Or the evil grin as a Mushroom cloud erupts from afar, plasma mines detonating around the explosion, along with some frag mines in a deadly chain reaction. Isn't explosion fun children!! @_@



errrm here is a cool drawing I made ._.
Armory comic 002


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