Yum Brahmin

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June 28, 2010

"I punch children"- Me

I'm not bad for the sake of being bad, I just love to be Evil. I mezz kids in front of their parents and blow up towns out of spite. I steal things for the fun of it. I even led a full scale mezz war on Little Lamplight just so I could punch them for limitless fun. I have a soft spot for the little people on the sidelines though. My favorite character is Point Lookout's Kenny. My favorite quest is Escape! I hate: Lucas Simms, Paulson, Mayor McCready, Princess, and those pesky regulators. I no longer hate the BoS. My favorite quotes include:

"I punch children"- Me

"Natural selection at it's finest"- Mr. Burke

"Better him than me"- So many people

"Owwwww!"- So many more

"Why<smack>won't<smack>you<smack>DIE!- Pvt. Jasper 42

"Personnaly I hate these zombies, DAMN this combat inhibitor"- Ceberus, Gaurd of Underworld

I usually carry on me:

  • Raiser Iconoclast Armor
  • Raider Blastmaster Helmet
  • The Mauler
  • 50+ Stimpacks

That's me, Yum Brahmin

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