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Chat banEdit

Let me try one of these:

Hello there. You have broken the rules of the Fallout chat listed in the guidelines, and for doing so you have incurred a 3 day chat ban as a penalty. After the three days have passed, feel free to leave me a message on my talk page asking to lift the ban here. Please refrain from breaking the rules again.

Please note that it is my decision or the decision of another moderator or admin as to how long the ban remains. Depending on the severity of the offence, the ban may last more than the regular three days. If you are a repeat offender, the length of the ban will increase. Have a nice day.

By the way, if you're reading this Scar, I used yours as the base...


FNV General Lee Oliver

You ain't pissing on me, now. You're pissing on Nukapedia

Nukapedia has declared you a troll. Wherever the Fallout Wiki has jurisdiction, you have been banned on site

The Nemesisx

The Overseer 101 Esc

Good riddance. Get out!

For violating the rules of Vault 101 (aka Nukapedia) you have hereby been kick banned from the chat room forever.

The Nemesisx

Nemesisx Shaokahn


For your constant rule breaking, you have been banned for a week. Contact The Nemesisx after a week has passed to have the ban lifted.

The Nemesisx

Nemesisx TESIVGuard


Nobody breaks the law on my watch! Because there are no fines to pay on a Wiki, you will serve a one day chat ban. Contact The Nemesisx after your sentence is up to have the ban lifted.

The Nemesisx

Nemesisx Exdeath

Your trolling will be swallowed by the Void for three days!

You have been banned from chat for three days. Contact The Nemesisx after three days have passed to have your ban lifted.

The Nemesisx

Chat rulesEdit

The Vault:Chat
So I don't have to go looking for them every time.


Yes Man defaultUser Avatar talk - Test signature, now with talk page link
Yes Man defaultUser Avatar talk - Test signature, now with working talk page link.

FalloutGirlMM01 - FalloutGirl signature

Lord T Pyro8bit-pyro-4501 preview - test

Block logEdit

Special:Log/block - Never know when it might come in handy. For God knows what.

FOOL NavboxEdit

Test userboxEdit

WikiThis user is a patroller of the Fallout Wiki.


Test chat ban messageEdit

Sledgehammer icon


You have been banned from chat for (TIME) for breaking Rule #. Contact Agent c after three days have passed to have your ban lifted. In the meantime, review the guidelines.

Sincerely, -- Agent c


Fallout 3 charactersEdit

FO3 QuestsEdit

FO1/2 QPEdit

poll testEdit

Who is the most awesomest guy in the world?

The poll was created at 22:27 on May 25, 2012, and so far 49 people voted.

Poll resultsEdit

As of 4:25PM Monday June 4 AEST

  • T-51b Power Armour (Fallout1/2/NV) - 28 votes
  • T-45d Power Armour (Fallout 3) - 11 votes
  • Enclave Power Armour (Advanced Power Armour Mk.II) - 6 votes
  • Tesla Power Armour - 10 votes
  • Hellfire Power Armour - 6 votes
  • Tribal/Ashur's Power Armour - 5
  • Outcast Power Armour - 9
  • Advanced Power Armour (Remnant's Power Armour) - 10
  • Gannon Family Power Armour - 7
  • Scorched Sierra Power Armour - 7

99 total votes

The plural of Moose is MeeseEdit

Ask Harry

Outstanding Poll SuggestionsEdit

  • What is your favourite Fallout series major settlement? - MJ567 - PRIMARY POLL / SATURDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER
  • Which was the hardest Bobble-head to find? - - SECONDARY POLL / SATURDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER

EXTRA QUESTION - Who should voice Three-Dog: Erik Dellums or Snoop Dog? - Dragonbone Powerarmor


Halloween SpecialEdit

  • Scariest Fallout monster - PRIMARY POLL / SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER
  • Spookiest Fallout series location - SECONDARY POLL / SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER

EXTRA QUESTION: Which would you rather be locked inside during the night: Dunwich Building or the Sierra Madre (with Ghost People)


  • What is your favourite weapons in Fallout Tactics? - MrDuche - SECONDARY POLL / TBA
  • It's time for a Weapon of Not so Massive Destruction! Which weapon do you think is the most useless? Boxing Tape, Pulse Grenade, Lead Pipe, Fire Bomb, Industrial fist, MIRV (what am I going to use this for? Seriously?), Dog Tag Fist - NuclearHolocaust - SECONDARY POLL / TBA
  • If you could have any Wasteland specific creature as a pet(in real life or otherwise), what would it be? Deathclaw (Perhaps the most obvious choice.), Fire Gecko (Perfect for outdoor barbeques!), Centaur (It's a mutant!), Giant Cockroach(YAY! It's Fluffy!), Bighorner (I can only wonder why.), Brahmin (Dude, what's up with that cow?), Radscorpion (RADSCORPION SMASH, YEAH!), Mirelurk (Maybe we can ride them...), Giant Mole Rat (Mole rats rule!) - NuclearHolocaust - SECONDARY POLL / TBA
  • "What is your favourite type of weapon" Small Guns Two handed guns Big guns Explosives Laser Weapons Plasma Weapons Unarmed Melee Other (Specify) - Chazzzo - SECONDARY POLL / TBA
  • Comic relief character - Badass grandma - TBA

EXTRA QUESTION: What random item do you randomly collect - User:Ninja-Nuke


I think if I said one more nice thing to you this week it might constitute Gay marriage in some states.. Not that I don't think you might be a beautiful bride

— SaintPain, to yours truly

Yes-Man odd glitch


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