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About MeEdit

Hello, I'm a recent addition to the Wikia Gaming community. I frequent the Bioshock, Call of Duty, Warcraft, Half Life, and Fallout wikis. I am an avid gamer who has tried just about every major gaming franchise. I am an addict of both shooters and role playing games, so, of course, Fallout 3 suits me perfectly. I look forward to helping make this wiki even better and more informative than it already is.

Things that tick me offEdit

  • Vandals!!! (seriously, DIAF)
  • Nonsensical edits (indecipherably bad grammar and spelling, "I, Me" accounts, etc.)
  • Trolls (right up there with vandals)

My Fallout 3 charactersEdit

I have three FO3 characters so far, i'll only post two for now

My first ever characterEdit

  • Level: 30
  • Karma: Very Good
  • Tag skills: Small guns, Lockpick, Repair
  • Perk I love most: Quantum Chemist. Even though it's not a tag skill, I've been putting spare points into explosives and Nuka Grenades are GOD!!
  • Perk I hate most: Intense Training. Not because it's worthless, but because I wasted SO many perk slots on it before bethesda announced Almost Perfect... BETHESDA I HATE YOU!
  • Weapons you'll never catch me without: Backwater rifle, Blackhawk, Xuanlong assault rifle, Dart gun, Terrible Shotgun
  • Enemy I hate most: Feral ghoul reaver. Seriously... back before i got my backwater rifle, I wasted almost all of my .44 rounds on A SINGLE REAVER. And dont even get me started on when they glitch...

Metal Blaster FTW: My Energy Weapons characterEdit

  • Level: 27
  • Karma: Very Good
  • Tag skills: Energy Weapons, Lockpick, Explosives, Repair
  • Favorite perk: Puppies! No more worrying about Dogmeat dying!
  • Least Favorite Perk: Tag! I dont know why I picked it either...
  • Favorite weapons: Metal Blaster, Gauss rifle (when it's not glitching out), Smuggler's End (closest thing to the old Colonel Autumn's laser pistol I could find, and I needed a use for all those spare energy cells)
  • Enemy I hate most: Still the Feral ghoul reaver, for obvious Reasons

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