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Sylvain looked out into the Mojave wasteland, shadowed by the symbolic steel figures of civilization promising hope and peace amidst the uncertainty and fragility of a land still scarred by the Great War. In his quest for answers, he felt uneasy and utterly unconvinced by the tall tales told by the bureaucrats and drunken soldiers of NCR's nervous bravado, all of whom had now resorted to believing in far-fetched and overly-nationalist ideals rather than any form of direct action. Sylvain was bemused and disgusted by the complacency of these elected leaders; those who called the shots and made the hard decisions without even a modicum of the understanding required to empathise with those in dire need of their guidance.

He had heard stories of the civilizations of hundreds of years ago - of how the empires had built for themselves similarly colossal monuments to celebrate the narcissistic progress and wealth of but the few, only for these false and empty superficial glories built on egos and lies to crumble down onto their own faulty foundations.

Noticing the soldiers and merchants eyeing him suspiciously, Sylvain knew at once, as he had felt so many times before that, even with the Mojave in the midst of a supposed time of reconciliation, the bigotry and rivalries of the old world still remained, and that he would never be made to feel welcome due to the petty prejudices concerned with close-minded ancestry and the false dichotomy of "you're either with us, or against us".

Reading through the unification treaty of the Desert Rangers and the NCR while shaking his head at the sheer hypocrisy, witnessing the directionless troopers and disillusioned trading caravans holed up with nothing to do at the Mojave Outpost, Sylvain knew instinctively how this new society would end; in the very same way as the last, destroyed by the bombs and the greed-driven warfare. So as the sun went down over the Western horizon of what had now become his adopted home away from home, Sylvain made a vow to himself that, unlike President Kimball, he wasn't going to sit idly by to let his nation destroy itself again - for despite the exclusion, it was as much his as anyone else's. And that he had every right to shape it as he deemed fit for the greater good of the wasteland.

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I was a massive Fallout 3 fan when it came out, having never played Black Isle's Fallout 1 & 2. Pumped about 250 hours into it, fantastic game, totally consumed in the Capital Wasteland. Then I started reading the NMA forums and this Fallout wiki: the original fans were pissed. As in, absolutely livid, fuming mad, inconsolably angry. Like how I was with Terminator 3 and 4. Out of curiosity and venturing further into the forum threads and watching Youtube footage of the originals, I just knew I had to play them - to understand what those real fans were on about.

Looked around for 1 & 2, spotted Fallout 2 first for $5, got it, installed it, there was some bloody PC problem with it telling me to insert the disc when it was already in, had to look the issue up on the forums, fixed it, found out about Killap's patch, ran that...after much anxiety and with my patience running thin, I finally managed to get it working. The same familiar intro with the same familiar Ron Perlman narration. Created my character. Adapted to the mouse controls. What the hell was this Temple of Trials? Wow, the Vault Boy art, SPECIAL, the ability to reverse-pickpocket, being able to store items on shelves and in desks - all of this stuff I loved about Fallout 3 were in the original games! 30 hours later, I was converted. Fallout 3 doesn't compare to of my favourite games of all time, knocked off its perch!

Later on, while looking around for Fallout 1, found Fallout Collection for $10 instead. Got it. I now have two copies of Fallout 2. Installed it all, same stupid PC problems saying that I didn't have enough memory (?). Went on Google and found a solution, tried out Fallout Tactics - not very good. No story. Different developers. Hey, Microforte is 5 minutes walk away from where I live! Played Fallout 1, installed all the patches. Incredible. I see what the anger is all about now. Minor bug: user interface not as friendly as Fallout 2's, but that's what I get for playing them out of sequence.

Oh my goodness: Low Intelligence dialogue. These games are amazing.

Fallout New Vegas announced, developed by Obsidian. Obsidian made up of many former Black Isle staff. Fallout 3's graphics engine and exploration and hoarding of 'things', combined with previously-untapped Van Buren content, with Chris Avellone and JE Sawyer?!!?

I have been converted, and I cannot wait. Pre-ordered the Vault 13 classic pack and will play hardcore mode right from the off. And Chris Avellone replied to a message I sent him via Facebook (and then agreed later on to an interview)...what awesome people.

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