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The A-Team is a group of Nukapedia personnel who work as soldiers of fortune while on patrol for vandals in the recent changes.


The A-Team exists for one reason, and one reason only: to fight for the good of the wiki. They have taken it upon themselves to put themselves in harm's way in order to block and reform vandals, add fresh content, repair wiki issues, put a stop to wiki drama, and maintain Nukapedia as a Wikia superpower.


The A-Team as a whole was formed on September 9, 2012 by Kingclyde and Tocinoman. In light of chaotic events around the wiki, it was decided that an elite band of mercenaries was needed. Who better to answer the call than the A-Team?

The individual selection of members was a long and arduous process. After several hours (and a few headaches), the 4 members you know now were brought together into one unstoppable team. The members are as follows:

  • The Gunny as "Hannibal"
    • The Gunny is, without a doubt, a great leader, but not your usual leader. His tactics are rather unorthodox and just plain weird, but they are quite effective. He smokes cigars.
  • Tocinoman as "Face"
    • Tocinoman is known to have tough skin, and talk the team's way out of any situation. He deals with outside relations as the team's supply guy, and looks fantastic doing it.
  • Agent c as "Murdock"
    • Agent c is the most coordinated member of the team, and he has the quickest reflexes as well. He applies these skills quite well as the team's pilot.
  • Kingclyde as "B.A."
    • Kingclyde is the muscle and mechanics member of the team. He doesn't say much because he doesn't need to. He is the team's strong man, as well as its driver.

The GMC vanEdit

Don't touch Clyde's van.

The 1983 black and metallic gray GMC Vandura van used by the A-Team is Kingclyde's pride and joy. Anyone found touching, scratching, rubbing, cleaning, wiping, sitting on, kicking, hitting, shooting at, talking about, throwing baseballs near, looking at, thinking about, thinking about looking at, defecating on, or breathing on the van will be severely and immediately dealt with.


The A-Team Full Theme Tune03:13

The A-Team Full Theme Tune

Beware the sound of the snare.

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