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when i lie on my deathbed, ill be in this chat, insulting muh boi errek for shits an gigs on my laptop. and then, after several hours he and i will both pass from this world and be reunited atop Mount Olympus. and we will be as gods.

— Leeam

u cant keep teh dolan et bay, al atemps to do so r fyootile as jopser sed teh fashist roolz nevar stahpd anywun viva la revulooshun

— Leeam

This guy has the mental fortitude of a Hershey's bar. Obvious no.

— BillyOcean

Some men build desks and chairs, others build cars, some even make firearms, but when Doug's son looks up at him, eager to learn, and asks "What are you working on, daddy?", Doug's response will be "TANKS, SON! TAAAAAAANKS! DON'T LISTEN TO LIAM, HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT?!. "Who's Liam?" he will reply, "SOME SCUMFUCK I USED TO TALK TO IN A CHATROOM WHEN I WAS ABOUT 29 YEARS YOUNGER, SON! AHAHAHAHA, WHAT DID HE KNOW?! HE WAS A WELSHMAN, AHAHAHAHAHA!" "But daddy, you're Welsh" your son will retort "SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" you will yell, unable to contain your tears.

Tl;dr, fuck your tanks, Doug.

— Leeam

i think i know what the problem is here, guys. all of denis' anger towards rob... it stems from his love for rob. denis has an insatiable buttlust for rob but he cant have him so he resorts to anger and hates rob for not being able to go ballsdeep in his butt. am i right, denis?

— Leeam

heh, rob and denis are like the (more) retarded versons of me and errek. a white boi and a mexican. the difference is, this white boi and that mexican hawk get along.

— Leeam

As per Al, I don't support Hawk keeping his rights. He neglects to perform his job as a mod, and has often let people slide with warnings when they have performed bannable offenses. Don't get me wrong. Hawk as a person is a good guy. He's just not using his powers as he should be, and thus is why I'm voting no on this. RamboRob196 16:10, May 28, 2012 (UTC)

— Rambotard

TocxHawK? Some dipshit. Apparently this guy is a major vandal, ban fetishist, a lousy moderator and he opposes fanon, and prefers canon. Pffft.

— Weirdowithcoffee


keep it g fuck boys

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