The letter Q

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June 2, 2011

Hey guys I used to be a fallout 3 addict and I play new vegas sometimes not much though! And i like the letter Q!! This might be just me but I like ducks, blonde chicks, Chuck Norris, Ducks, movies, The Hangover, The hangover part 2, Ducks, the elder scrolls series.


Random StuffEdit

  • Dr Pepper or Coca-Cola pick a side.
  • Q

Why Q is awesomeEdit

  • 1: Because it's like awesome 0
  • 2: Because it's just plainly awesome
  • 3: Because it's the first letter in the word quack-doctors

What I don't likeEdit

  • Angry people
  • A lot of pizza.
  • People who have angry looking tattoos
  • The color pink
  • The number 18
  • People who yell at me
  • Arrogant people on the vault

Coolest anon everEdit

   the government can't come in and tell us what to do. they've already taken away almost all our rights. and they say this is a free country.
   14 hours ago by An anonymous user

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