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My main desire is to be on this wiki and ask about certain quests solutions that have don't have enough information or have incorrect and try to find that information and input/correct it into these articles so people don't have follow online walkthroughs/playthroughs and have the choice to more alternatives with purely good accurate information.

That person on XBL that has my name is NOT me that is different person I don't know and no I will not tell you my real GT.

My favorite game series are Halo, Mass Effect, Deadspace, Star Wars, and last but not least Fallout.(only the games that on the Xbox or Xbox 360 console).

My favorite online series are SANITY NOT INCLUDED, Moments with Heavy, Gmod idiot box, Red vs Blue, and Phoenix Wright: BULLSHIT EVOLVED (These are real shows look them up on youtube if you don't think these are real. P.S: Also I DIDN'T name these if they seem inappropriate you blame/complain to the makers of these great shows if you think their shows names should be changed.)

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