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June 17, 2011
raceHuman, Hispanic
affiliationCapital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, Vault 101, Regulators (Fallout 3), Himself
roleThe hero of Fallout 3, Me :)
locationWashington, D.C.
questsAll of them and beyond
karmaVery Good, Messiah
base SPECIAL9 ST, 9 PE, 9 EN, 9 CH, 9 IN, 9 AG, 9 LK

Hi, I love the Fallout series and cannot wait for Skyrim! Anyway I hope to make this wiki a reliable source for the many who need it.

A little about me

I loved all the Fallout games and played everyone except Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel (ehh!), when I finish high school, I plan to go to a good college to learn video game design and creative writing. Then, I want to work for Bethesda and hopefully work on their games, and hopefully Fallout 4. There, I hope to bring a great story, and better gameplay.

My Characters

My Fallout 3 character is a real nice guy and doing the usual exploring, Super mutant killing, saving lives; that kind of stuff. My New Vegas character is the same only he looks cleaner and living a a place not made completely out of metal.

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