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Maintaining a level of neutrality not seen in the post-War world, Baros is a hired gun with an impeccable set of standards. His no nonsense attitude makes him seem arrogant to others, but once you get to know him he's fair and decent in speech and manner, although when on assignment he's brutal and silent. His preference in weapons and attire means he talks his way around some problems, and becomes invisible in the shadow on others. He has developed a strange immunity to chem addiction, at the cost of his reflexes and brute strength, which he uses on occasion to take jobs. He is a brilliant survivalist, able to jury rig places to sleep, make things, and even perform minor repairs with odd things, and his knowledge of medical and scientific knowledge is on par with the Followers, who he specifically doesn't target, for any price or method.

Also, I've moved. I'm now on The Vault.

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