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April 15, 2012
  • I live in Idaho
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am a Dinosaur

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I live in Idaho. I like basketball, soccer, track, and of course, Fallout!

I play on the Xbox 360, PC, and I used to play on the Wii.

I am a youtuber, and I currently have about 3,000 subscribers. I make Fallout NPC Battles and other stuff. My channel:

My Gamertag on Xbox is Toxic Whiteout if you'd like you add me.

I have an idea for a series, let me know what you think:

NCR Challenge: Beat All NCR Waves Rules: Must be Realistic. This is a 5 v 5 match plus an NCR guard dog to start the battle against waves of NCR. Be realistic.

Please Post Who You Want To See For The NCR Challenge!

Who they fight: NOTE: STATS MAY NOT BE 100% Correct, I Did My Best. 5 Quarry Workers (Random: Varmint Rifle, 9mm Pistol, Sledgehammer) HP: 85 DT: ?

5 NCR MPs (Random: Cattle Prod or 10mm Pistol) HP: 50 DT: 10 - 12 Depending on Condition

5 NCR Deputies (Random: Varmint Rifle Or 9mm Pistol) HP: 50 DT: 10

5 NCR Mercenaries (Random: Any Small gun or Energy Weapon (9mm submachinegun, lazer pistol, etc.) HP: 80 DT: 1

5 NCR Recruits (Hunting Rifle & Combat Knife) HP: 70 DT: 1

5 NCR Troopers (Service Rifle & Combat Knife) HP: 50 DT: 10 - 12 Depending On Condition

5 NCR Supers Trooper (Trooper From Hoover Dam Battle) (Random 12.7mm Pistol, Riot Shotgun, Marksman Carbine, Sniper Rifle) HP: - DT: 12 - 15 Depending On Condition

5 NCR Snipers (Sniper Rifle) HP: 190 DT: 15

5 NCR Rangers (Trail Carbine) HP: 220 DT: 18 - 20 Depending On Condition

5 NCR Sentry Bots (Mounted Arm Machine Gun) HP: 440 DT: 18

5 NCR Heavy Troopers (Random: Light Maching Gun, Minigun, Super Sledge) HP: 440 DT: 17 - 30 Depending On Condition

5 NCR Veteran Rangers (Random: Ranger Sequoia, Anti Material Rifle, Trail Carbine) HP: 370 DT: 17 - 30 Depending On Condition

If they defeat all of them, I set them up against random creatures like cazadores, deathclaws, etc.

Favorite GamesEdit

1. Fallout: New Vegas

2. Fallout 3

3. Red Dead Redemption

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops

5. Halo: Reach

6. Left For Dead 2

7. Rage

8. Mass Effect 3

9. Battlefield 3

10. Borderlands

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