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Im'a Fallout fan hence the reason Im on here I've see some minor bug errors such as for Charon not following you out of underworld. You need to save after leaving under world then loading the save. When you complete the quest for the doctor in Camp Mcarren you MIGHT lose E-ED's logs (I didn't). So yeah I fixed those two articles. Usually when im playing Fallout 3 I have Dogmeat and Fawkes with me , but resonantly I have gone with Charon and Dogmeat. When im in Fallout New Vegas I like to go with E-ED and Boone because they are good together. I just resonantly beat Fallout New Vegas leaving some things untended like Rahul and Jacobs town. I got rid of all the powder gangers in vault 19 and the prison. i got rid of Tabitha. I helps the Great Khans out with all there bull crap. I also helped the NCR and the Brotherhood work together. I killed Ceaser in his little fort. i past the Legits speech check's. I killed moter-runner and his goons. I helped the Boomers get together with the rest of crould. I helped the Boomers get along with the Wasteland. I saved Kimbul and his verti-bird (although the engi spy was still in the croup and he still had the detonator which was weird. If I could be any race in the game I would be a ghoul because i love there voices and plus i would have been able to watch the bombs drop. I wear power armor in both games and LOVE IT!!! That's my long frekin story. How about you?

PS: Yes he's suppose to be wearing power armor without the helmet but has goggles on.

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