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A Courier Edit

Hey there user or anonymous! I'm The7thCourier or if you want, you can call me Glen. I don't know why you're here reading this but I think it's best to move on to a more informative and interesting page. Anyway, I love Fallout 3 and Fallout:New Vegas, I think they are worthy enough to be in my best games list. It's all thanks to my cousins who introduced me to Fallout(thanks guys). After awhile I found this wiki and used it's information to help me throughout the game, I thought of it for awhile and then I became a member of this wiki. I still haven't played the other Fallout games but I might eventually.

My bottle cap grinding thing Edit

What you need:

Method: All you have to do is go to the The Thorn and talk to Red Lucy about fighting in the arena. Choose to fight 3 Radscorpions so you can pick up their poison glands for extra caps(Giant radscorpions have a better amount of glands than the regular radscorpion). Wait until their exit door is closed so they don't trap them selves then just keep shooting with the MF Hyperbreeder Alpha while they are still in their starting cage until the Meltdown explosion occurs which regularly instantly kills the other scorpions. After the fight, loot the scorpions for their glands to sell and talk to Red Lucy for the reward, then just repeat the process. Light armour would make things go fast paced. This method is a easy way to gain caps and experience and you wouldnt have to worry about loosing ammo or using up stimpacks. If you end up finding a better idea, don't b#tch to me about it and just share.

Or kill everyone in the Divide (Lonesome Road DLC) then loot and sell everything.

Enjoy, mate.

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