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My list of things to do when bored. Many of these were taken from Forum:Things to do when you are bored|this thread, but since many of the suggestions are rubbish I decided to compile some of the best, along with my own, onto here. This list is mainly for console users, since PC users can simply download mods or use console commands for more things to do.

Things to do:Edit

  • Reverse-pickpocket funny outfits onto people. Mesmetron can help if your target is enslavable. Examples: Elder Lyons in Combat Armor, the kids from Little Lamplight in Power Armor, Harden Simms in a Regulator duster, etc.
  • Turn small settlements into small outposts: E.g. put everywhere from Arefu in Enclave armor to make an Enclave outpost, put everyone from Big Town in raider armor to make a raider outpost, et cetera.
  • Create a "team" of followers. Dress everybody in unique outfits and become a squad of superheroes.
    • Example: The Liberators!
    • Yourself in a Sheriff's Duster and Sheriff's Duster|hat with The Terrible Shotgun
    • Sydney in grimy Pre-War Businesswear and Lincoln's Hat with Lincoln's repeater
    • Sticky in Tesla Armor (Fallout 3)|Tesla armor with Fisto!
    • Charon with Colonel Autumn's uniform, a Party Hat, the Ghoul Mask (lol, he's already a ghoul) and Eugene
    • Shorty and Red both in Ranger Battle Armor with Chinese Assault Rifles
    • Dogmeat
  • Roleplay as a pacifist, or an assassin, or a master of unarmed combat, or an ex-Enclave member on the run with altered memories.
  • Attempt to exterminate every non-respawning evil character in the game.
    • Alternatively, attempt to exterminate every non-respawning figure of authority in the Wasteland - e.g. Lucas Simms, Evan King, Lana Danvers, Allistair Tenpenny, Gustavo, (get rid of Harkness), Dave, Henry Casdin, all the non-essential members of the Brotherhood of Steel, Dusty, Vance, Ernest Roe, Dominic D'Ellsadro and Machete, (if you've got a mod that allows you to kill children you can kill Macready), Hannibal Hamlin, Birch and Laurel, Reilly, anyone else you think deserves a bullet to the head.
  • Kill a bunch of raiders, Enclave soldiers, Talon Company/Regulators and drag all of their bodies to a single location (such as the pitfall trap in Fairfax ruins). You can try to drag some Super Muties too, but they can be a bit difficult. Wait 73 hours for them to respawn, then return and watch the bastards slaughter each other. =)
  • Find an alternative house to stay in, then pimp it out. See Fallout 3 player housing.
  • Try to dress up as a movie, novel or comic character.
    • Terminator: Tunnel Snake Outfit + Sunglasses
    • Freddy Krueger: Pre-War Outfit (Fallout 3)|Pre-war spring outfit + Pre-War Outfit (Fallout 3)|Pre-war hat + Deathclaw Gauntlet + Ghoul Mask
    • Be creative, many more are possible.
  • Attempt to make a trail of frag mines that leads from the Republic of Dave to Cantebury Commons. Shoot one and follow as they explode like a domino line! If you succeed in this, try to make a longer trail, e.g. from Megaton to Tenpenny Tower.
  • Get a follower you don't like to wait inside the Deathclaw Sanctuary.
  • Turn Megaton into a Minefield whilst everybody's sleeping. Then wait on top of Lucas Simms' house for the carnage to begin. Thanks to User talk:Blobbersberries|Blobbersberries for this idea.
  • Complete all of Fallout 3's unmarked quests (including the ones deleted from the Fallout 3 quests page by people who didn't think they were notable enough. See Talk:Fallout 3 quests. -_-)
  • Choose a new Fallout 3 player housing|house to inhabit and decorate it to your fancy.
  • Slaughter a settlement with Mister Sandman.
  • Mezz a Megaton Settler and give them your very best weapons and armor (e.g. Gauss rifle (Fallout 3)|Gauss rifle with ammo and T-51b Power Armor (Fallout 3)|T-51B power armor). Save again. Keep mezzing/reloading until they go hostile, then watch them embark on a brutal massacre!
  • Kill everybody in Fort Independence. The only guy you lose karma for killing is Henry Casdin. =)
  • For good characters: slaughter Paradise Falls. You gain karma and get to loot the place.
    • For bad characters: slaughter Paradise Falls without gaining karma or turning Pronto and Cutter hostile. How, you ask? Complete Strictly Business by enslaving the four targets. Reverse-pickpocket some weaponry and armor onto Arkansas and Flak. Then take off their slave collars, open the gate and watch 'em wreak havoc.
  • For good characters: slaughter Arefu and The Family without losing karma. There are several ways to do this. All require the player having completed Blood Ties diplomatically.
  1. Kill Robert with Mister Sandman. You do not lose karma for Sandman Kills. This should turn The Family and all of Arefu hostile. You will not lose any karma for killing them if they shoot first. See Forum:NPC hostility.
  2. Lead a hostile faction (such as the Enclave or a deathclaw you've shot with the dart gun) into Arefu. For some reason, the people of Arefu have been programmed so that if one of them dies, regardless of whether it is the player's fault, they will all go hostile. The Family will go hostile too. Again, you will not lose karma for killing them if they shoot first.
  3. "Push" someone from Arefu off the bridge by walking into them. Both Arefu and The Family should go hostile, allowing you to kill them without karma loss.
  4. Make sure you have a follower with you. Attack anybody from either settlement, but allow your follower to kill them. You don't lose karma for people your follower kills.
After Blood Ties is completed diplomatically, and if you arranged for Alan to guard Arefu in exchange for Blood packs, the two settlements will become allied. If one turns hostile to you, so will the other. This makes it easy to kill them both without karma loss.
  • Jump over Megaton's walls from the inside, and explore The Void. You might encounter some Megaton residents in The Void as well. See Recovering missing NPC in Fallout 3.
  • For good characters: Try alternative methods of wiping out settlements without karma loss. Suggestions include Mister Sandman and followers.
  • Dart a deathclaw with the dart gun and get it to follow you. Lure it across the Capital Wasteland and allow it to slaughter settlements. Thanks to User talk:Blobbersberries|Blobbersberries for this idea.
  • Attempt to kill Fawkes without using the Fat Man or piling mines.
  • Try to collect all of the following in the game:
    • Mini-Nukes
    • Nuka-Cola Quantum
    • Sheet Music Books
    • Skill books (and other books in general, such as Danielle's Book)
  • Decorate My Megaton House. Try creating Nuka-Cola displays, fill the bookcase with skill books, utilise items such as Lump of Brain, Brahmin Skull, chessboard, Nuka-Cola Truck, Buttercup Toy, Teddy Bear, Pre-War Money, etc., create a display of all unique weapons and armour in the game.
  • Try to make custom themes for My Megaton House. Examples:
    • "Cannibal theme" - Raider theme base. Place Strange Meat and Human flesh everywhere.
    • "Enclave theme" - Science theme base. Place Tesla Armor (Fallout 3)|Tesla armor and Plasma rifle (Fallout 3)|plasma rifles everywhere.
    • "Alcoholic theme" - Normal theme base. Clear out any unusual-looking items so the place is bare (besides lockers). Then place bottles of alcohol - Beer, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, Scotch, Moonshine - everywhere. Can be altered to "Junkie theme" by putting Jet, Psycho, Buffout, Mentats, Med-X, etc everywhere.
    • "Nuka-Cola theme" - Any theme base. Cover the house in Nuka-Cola related items - Nuka-Cola, Nuka-Cola Quantum, Nuka-Cola Clear Formula, NukaLurk Meat, Nuka-Cola Truck, Pristine Nuka-Cola machine, Empty Nuka-Cola Bottle and Outcast Power Armor (because it has the same colours as Nuka-Cola).
    • Other themes include "Surgeon theme" (Vault theme with medical equipment everywhere), "Morbid theme" (Pre-war theme with Mutilated body parts from Super Mutant gore bags everywhere), "Mechanic theme" (Science or Vault theme with sensor modules, conductors, scrap metal, wrenches, hammers, etc). Many unique and strange themes are possible - be creative!
  • Discover the map marker for Vault 87.
  • Snipe stuff from Tenpenny Tower's balcony.
  • Try something like this (funny and creative Fallout 3 video =D): [1]
  • Dart the Super Mutant Behemoth at Jury St. station with the Dart gun and lead it across the Wasteland to Evergreen Mills. Free the Behemoth there and watch the two fight each other.
  • Use Dogmeat to steal stuff for you.
  • Put your entire inventory in a safe storage area (like the locker in your Megaton house or Tenpenny suite) then travel to a warzone like The Capitol Building or Jury Street Metro Station and try to survive using only the equipment you can salvage from corpses. Thanks to User:Mr Smiles|Mr. Smiles for this idea.

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