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Patroller ApplicationEdit

Hey Jspoel! I'd like to apply for the position of patroller and these are the reasons why...I've been active on this wiki for 3 months while the requirement is only 1, I have 300 edits on articles (the requirement is only 250), and I have a major contribution to the site as in creating and helping maintain the page Edward Rutledge on behalf of the Logical History project. I have a deep understanding of the notable loot guidelines, supported by many of my edits, and of assorted wiki guidelines like the capitalization policy. I also pride myself on almost always including an edit summary on any edit revisions, a quality even some admin's lack. And finally, one of my most frequented time slots (11PM-1AM EST) is often without users with rollback. Thanks for any consideration! USA Flag Pre-War User Avatar talk 23:59, August 15, 2012 (UTC)

Apprentice QualifierEdit


Eh! Hoover! Hand me that wrench will ya'!?

— Stiggs

Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop is a mechanic's shop established ontop of the Rivet City bow flight deck. It is operated by Stiggs, who only appears with the shop if the player character chooses to let him escape the Enclave and destroy the Mobile Base Crawler.


After narrowly escaping the Enclave's clutches, Stiggs's and his robots, Hoover and Sparky began the long trek back to the Capital Wasteland. After finally reaching Rivet City, Stiggs was disappointed to hear his robots were not allowed on board. Refusing to leave them, he, along with his companions and some help from a passerby super mutant built a ramp of vehicles and rubble in the parking lot east of the broken bow, high enough to reach the flight deck. Stiggs bid the mutant farewell and set up camp ontop of the runway. A few weeks later, Stiggs, out of boredom, stripped a derelict fighter plane of parts and used them to repair one of the cars in the parking lot. Amazed at his work, some of the Brotherhood workers at the Jefferson Memorial offered him a contract to construct some vehicles for the water caravans. After getting the parts delivered, Stiggs went to work with his robot's help. Before long, anyone with parts and a vacated vehicle could bring it to Stiggs's for repairs.


Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop is established ontop of, and in the parking lot surrounding Rivet City's bow. Stiggs's camp and part sorting station is on one of the flight decks, while the vehicles are delivered and repaired in the empty lot. The structure is accessible through a series of debris piles. The player character must either display a Brotherhood of Steel holotag or submit to a 500 cap credit check, the minimal price of Stiggs's services, to Hoover at the entrance.

Related QuestsEdit

The shop is result of the player character's choices in Who Dares Wins.


  • The shop is open from 9am to 9pm. Hoover will instantly turn hostile if the player charcter enters the lot outside this time frame.
  • Sparky can occasionally be seen using his saw on a burnt-out Corvega.
  • If the shop is opened, 2-3 Corvegas can be found in the Citadel bailey. They explode upon taking too much damage, likely turning the Brotherhood hostile.


Category Items


Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel under special circumstances.


Edits, edits, and...more edits!Edit

Hello, fellow Nukapedians! I am Stars and Stripes Forever, your humble ambassador to the wasteland of editing! Have you spent hours clicking the random page button looking for edits, only to never find one? Do you search through a sea of project tables, only to find them completed? Do you just feel plain, old sad? Well, look no further! The following is a guide into finding the erroneous errors that you will inevitably find, with only a little guidance from moi.


Lets face facts, Lonesome Road was released 16 months ago and Fallout 4 isn't going to come out tomorrow. With no new content, and an in-house robot (Jspoelstra), edits can be very hard to come by. Even I often find myself wasting away minutes upon minutes searching for something to fix. But in reality, this website is run by humans, and as imperfect creatures, there is always something out there.

The Search for the Truth (or mistakes)Edit

Now, unless we have any objections, let us begin our quest!

The I'm Not Looking for Anything in Particular MethodEdit

This is the method best used when you maybe have 10-15 minutes to kill around the house. This is basically where you have no goal/objective set in your mind, and you just want to edit some pages. The two best ways of moving forward with this are...

  • Random Page Method: Self-expalnatory. Basically, keep clicking random page and reading pages until you find a mistake to fix (I don't recommend this, for there is no set goal in mind).
  • Wiki-Activity Method: Similar to the method above, stay on the wiki-activity page and read through the pages that people have recently edited. People often leave other errors behind because they have their mind set on whatever they're editing at the moment.

The Category MethodEdit

Essentially, find a category (like Category:Restaurants) and check each of the pages looking for errors. If its a larger category like (Category:Fallout 3 characters feel free to check every other, or every third page. There are two ways of going about this...

  • Go to a random category page and search through all the pages as said above.
  • Using any other editing methos, fix the page your on and look through the categories associated with it. This makes it easier to find/choose a category to edit.

Articles with Common ProblemsEdit

As logic would dictate, pages with limited traffic, have less viewers, and thus less administrator activity, leading to an overall lower standard of quality.

Problem PagesEdit

These pages are either stubs, missing crtical information, or just all-in-all below our standard of quality. The best place to look for these are in the aptly named...

The Bugs SectionEdit

Because bugs are normally reported by unregistered/anonymous users, they are frequently in violation of some policy, because those users tend to be more unfamiliar with the rules. Look for grammar/spelling mistakes and if you're willing, feel free to test the bug!


As I mentioned earlier, many projects are completed or nearing that point like the following (make sure you're familiar with the rules and guidelines of the project and the wiki before you join! Projects are serious business!)

  • Fallout 3 locations
  • File maintenance project
  • Quest project
  • Van Buren Article project Redux
  • Walkthrough Chart Project: Fallout 3

Doing the Work Once We ArriveEdit

Now that we're there, we actually need to the work.

Making a ChecklistEdit

A great way to edit is to make a checklist to look through when you read an article. Include things like; are all game titles italicized, the notable loot is actually notable, and the section headers are in the proper order. If you need clarification on rules or guidelines, an admin is always willing to help!

Spelling and GrammarEdit

Self-explanatory. These tend to be found in low-traffic articles or bugs sections (as mentioned above).

Actually Doing the EditEdit

My golden rule of editing is don't be afraid! If you mean well, and your edit isn't blatant vandalism all that can come out of it is a success, or a learning experience. Have no fear!


Phew! Now that you've found the edits and know what to do when you get there, I bid you farewell and wish you good luck! And remember, if you're ever in need of assistance, just ask an admin and check the policies and guidelines page! See ya' around! USA Flag Pre-War User Avatar talk 02:13, January 24, 2013 (UTC)

Apprentice Qualifier Part IIEdit


Damnit! First the Enclave, now these childish tricks! Can't I get a break!? Just once!?

— Stiggs

Cash for Clunkers is Fallout 3 side quest.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Cash for Clunkers
Talk to Stiggs.
Remove all companions (except for Dogmeat).
Hire Sparky.
Infiltrate the car dealership and order Sparky to break down the Corvega.
Return Sparky to Stiggs.
Reward: 100 Caps and a 25% shop discount at Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop


Quest startEdit

The quest is started by speaking to Stiggs at least 7 days after making your first purchase at the Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop. Stiggs will express discontent at some of his merchandise being stolen and will ask the player character to retrieve some replacements at the nearby car dealership using Sparky's harvester tool.

Hiring SparkyEdit

In order to hire Sparky as a temporary companion, the player character must remove all non-Dogmeat companions. Once the player's party is cleared, they must initiate dialogue with Sparky and ask him to join the player's party. He will always accept, and will then upload the dealership's coordinates to the Pip-Boy map.

Harvesting the VehicleEdit

With Sparky in tow, the Lone Wanderer's next task is to infiltrate the dealership. Once inside, Sparky will hover over to one of the two Corvegas (dependent upon which one is nearer to the player). Once there, he will pull out his saw and start cutting into the vehicle, similar to the way he does back at the repair shop. After about an hour, the Corvega will disappear and Sparky will report back to the player.

=Return to StiggsEdit

After exiting dialogue eith Sparky, the player character needs to leave the dealership and return to the auto shop. Stiggs will approach the player and thank him. He will give the player his/her reward and then return Sparky to his ownership.

Quest stagesEdit

5 Remove any companions.
10 Speak to Sparky.
15 Enter the car dealership
20 Wait for Sparky to harvest the vehicle.
25Quest finishedIcon checkReturn to Stiggs


  • The Pip-Boy's first quest stage is inaccurate, for the player is able to hire Sparky even if Dogmeat is in his/her party.
  • Is Sparky is killed while in the player's posession, the quest will fail, regardless of whether or not he had harvested the vehicle parts. Upon returning to Stiggs's shop, he will, along with Hoover, turn hostile.
  • Sparky also cannot be returned or picked-up outside the store's 7am to 7pm timeframe. Attempting this will turn the store personnel, including Sparky, hostile.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The quest's name comes from the 2009 Department of Transportation scrappage program, Cars Allowance Rebate System (CARS), which is better known as, "cash for clunkers". The program provides incentives to U.S. residents who turn in older, broken-down cars.

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