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My traits are Built to Destroy and Fast Shot. I tagged Repair, Lockpick and Science. My starting S.P.E.C.I.A.L. was S-5 P-5 E-7 C-1 I-6 A-8 L-8

My perks in the order I took them are

2-Light Touch


6-Hand Loader

8-Grunt (all Mojave books except Vault 34 guns and Tops unarmed)


12-Silent Running (began Old World Blues)

14-Long Haul

16-Better Criticals

18-Piercing Strike (began Dead Money)

20-Solar Powered

22-Jury Rigging

24-Slayer (began Lonesome Road)

26-Pack Rat

28-Voracious Reader

30-Nerves of Steel

32-Chemist (began Honest Hearts)

34-Math Wrath

36-Mad Bomber



42-Hit the Deck (crackerjack timing)

44-Tunnel Runner

46-Rad Child

My S.P.E.C.I.A.L. now (in daylight w/implants) is S-10(OWB bonus) P-7(Boone's Beret) E-9(Atomic Valance) C-2(Ulysses Duster) I-7 A-10(DM casual clothing glitch) L-10(LR bonus). My critical chance is +33% w/Beret & Duster and I stopped making Police magazines at 400 copies.

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