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  • I live in England
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am Male

I neither know nor care if anyone reads this, I neither know nor care if this is good, I write because I want to write.

Story of SixDogEdit

I was born in megaton in 2281. Not much, a small, ramshackle settlement really. Whilst on our weekly trip out into the wastes, I was brought along. I was four at the time. It went horribly wrong, suddenly raiders were everywhere! I mean it, they swarmed us! In the confusion, I lost sight of my parents and my brothers. I heard Dad's shotgun fire and the raiders began to run faster in the other direction away from him. But they snatched me in doing so. I was kidnapped by them and lost my family. The raiders told me they were going to sell me as a slave to Paradise Falls. I had to escape. But there was nothing I could do. I was very lucky someone attacked the raider camp. Some man named Billy Creel attacked the camp along with a man called Gustavo. I found out there was a girl who'd been captured by the raiders as well. Her name was Maggie, I think. Anyway, I think Billy Creel took Maggie to safety, and Gustavo saved me. He took me to Tenpenny Tower where he was a security officer. Soon, he became Chief Gustavo of Tenpenny Security. To earn some extra caps and guns, I've been working as part of Tenpenny Security since I was 16. My dad, I mean, Gustavo says that I'll be Chief one day, but I don't want to, I want to find my family...

I'm staying in a room on the 5th floor, The residents on this floor are decent people and we all get along. One night however we were having a small party and a drinking contest when ghouls burst into the room. I ran past the three of them, punched one in the face, and into my room where I picked up "Young Terror" my prized assault rifle modded with extended mags and a upwards facing crowbar for CQC. A feral charged into my room, lunged and I swung my gun upwards inpaling his jaw on my crowbar. I crouched down behind my desk, overturned it, and hacked a small hole so I could see my targets as they walked in. After about half an hour a man with a ghoul mask walked in as I debated if I should shoot the man closed the door and pulled off the mask revaling him to be Gustavo. I stood up and he pulled a gun on me before realising who I was. He told me to pull the matteress off my bed and throw it out the window. I did. He then said he was going to get all the matteress he could find to soften the landing. Before I could ask he had put on his mask and exited the room. After about an hour he opened my door and asked for help dragging in the matteress. We threw them all out the window and he jumped and landed on the stack. He beckoned for me to jump. I dropped down but as I landed I felt a sickening pain and everything went black.

I awoke hours later lying on a bed with a brace around my leg, I sat upright. Around me there was lots of weapons, armour, food and other stuff. This house must have been a traders. Gustavo walked in the door carrying some medical supplies and he told me to sleep. I let sleep close over me and when I awoke my leg had been fixed. Gustavo saw that I had awoke and beckoned me to the window. "Look Six. Raiders, 3 of them." stated Gustavo and he handed me "Young Terror" my assualt rifle. "4" I corrected "One further back." "Great. Just Great." commented Gustavo. I lifted my rifle and aimed for the one furthest back. I pulled the trigger. End of problem. I sprayed the other 3 down and Gustavo congratulated me. Until. "10 more. Get down." "Damm. You got any grenades?" I enquired. "Yeah man." Gustavo said handing me some. We threw the grenades and sprayed as fast as we could bringing them all down. Then I heard a gunshot and in one movement Gustavo hit the floor with a gunshot wound. "NOOOOO!!!!" I screamed picking up my rifle and Gustavo's rifle in my arms and shooting everything I could see. I grabbed some ammo and a rucksack and filled it with food and water, swang it around my arms and set off to the nearest place I could. Seeing as I had NO IDEA WHERE I WAS!

I walked outside and looted some ammo for the raiders and kept on walking to a couple of shacks in the distance. I stumbled across some traveling merchants who let me tag on to their little caravan which was heading to a place called The Crocvue which was a old pre-war hotel which had about 40 floors and had guns, security and a one hundered cap entry fee. I asked the guy what my pay was. "200 caps cause your using your own gear. I'll also comp you some ammo." stated the merchant. "Cheers my man. How much longer now?" said I cause I was starting to get tired. "About a hour" said the merchant. I continued to travel with these people and eventually we got the Crocvue which seemed like a nice place. We had a little farewell dinner then they continued on and I went to the front door of the Crocvue. "Hey can I come in?" I enquired. "100 caps" stated the guard. "Here you go" I said giving him the cash. "Come on in" said the guard opening the gate. I walked in and saw that the place did'nt have many guards so I enquired to the guy. He said that if I wanted to be be a guard I could but I had to guard the penthouse where the owner lived. I said that was fine and set up to meet him. "Greetings, You are my new bodyguard I assume. My name is Alex Schofield. I found and renovated this place after what I did in 2281." stated Alex. "Glad to meet you, You don't seem like the kind of guy who would need a bodyguard. And what was this about 2281?" I enquired. "I gave my weaponry and my equipment away to this place's armory. In 2281 a warlord named Mr. House recruited me to fight for him, I did so with great efficency taking over New Vegas for him. After this I stayed on with him making the caps to eventualy leave and come here. House runs vegas to this day." explained Alex. "Can I get some gear from that armoury?" I said. "You need sleep I can guard myself for the rest of the day. You can get your stuff in the morning" said Alex. I was admittedly tired so I just crashed out on Alex's couch.

I awoke in a bed and looking around I appeared to be in one of the suites. I sat up and saw alex who was cradling a shotgun in his arms. "Oh, Morning Six" said Alex who was modding the shotgun with a extended mag and a choke. "Hey man, Time is it?" I said "It's 5 in the morning, You still want your armoury stuff?" asked Alex "Yeah man" I said getting up. I followed alex down to his armoury which was loaded with more stuff I had ever seen. "I'm going back to my penthouse, get what you want not what you need." said Alex with a wink. I looked around for the weapon mods and then I found a gun which did'nt have a name but was dubbed "The Trustworthy" it appeared to have seen massive use and repair in recent years which made me assume it was Alex's main primary gun, it had been modded with a scope and a silencer as well as extended magazines. I took it and as much ammo as I could and I walked over to armour and I picked up some normal clothes which had hidden body armour inside which I tried on and it fit perfectly. I went back up to alex on the balcony but on the way there the elevator broke..

"More bad luck. Fuck!" I shouted at the wall. I ran and kicked through the elevator doors and saw a horrible sight. Once again something had happened to my place of residence. This time it was slavers. The same slavers that had taken me as a child. I ran down the stairs to the bottom floor and went outside to the gate. I sat and waited. Polishing and checking the parts of this new gun. The slaves came down the stairs outside the front gate and I hid and watched them walk through until the slavers started to walk towards the gate. Then I struck. I ran from my hiding place and shot as many slavers as I could. I kept running and shooting taking out about 70percent of them and I then ran jumped, flicked of off a table and cleared the wall. I just kept running and running untill something hit me from behind.

"You thought you could take us?" said a familiar voice. "What the hell? Alex?" I said while coming to my senses. "Yes. Fitting that I should be the one to catch you." said Alex with an air of pride about him. "Why?!" I screamed. "Because. This is a grandose scheme, I hired the merchants to take you here, I crashed the elavator, I let the slavers in. Why? Because I could." bragged Alex. Feeling around I felt my hands were tied to a pipe and I then felt a sharp pain as something cut my hand. I picked it up and cut my bonds. "Slavers. Take him." said Alex as he walked out the room. I threw the blade at him, It nailed him in the head. He dropped dead. I picked up the knife and fought my way out.

"Hello. We came to help. We see you did'nt need it." said a new voice. I looked at these people and they looked like mercs. I thought that I should join up with them. They looked well armed and well traveled. They had some form of custom gear. "I'm Warr" said the man who I presumed leaded these men "This is Burner" he said beckoning to the man on his right "This is Terminal" he said beckoning to the man on his left. "You are mercs?" I said. "We are raiders of flame" he said "We burn, We blaze. I am here to take revenge on schofield. Looks like you got him first. Farewell." "Can I join you?" I blurted out. "Certainly, We have to get a bounty done first." he said, polishing his gun. "Who and how much" I said. "You, 10000 caps" he said puling out his rifle. I jumped out of the way, Grabbed the knife and hit Burner in the head, I then grabbed his gun, killed Terminal and kicked Warr in the face. I tied him to the pipe and proceeded with torture. He told me Alex was behind it and they are a backup plan. I stabbed him in the chest and left him to die.

I walked to a nearby campsite and found a old sleeping bag and some food. I set the camp ablaze and ate the food. I searched around and found a backpack, I swang it on my back after putting the sleeping bag in it. In the distance I saw a trader and his brahmin looting a corpse, I walked to him and bought a wasteland map which told me the nearest city was Cisscol City which was a mile north. As I walked away he pulled a gun out and pointed it at my head. "Your gear will fetch a nice price" he laughed. As he laughed his gun shook making him miss the shot, I turned and kicked him in the chest and took his gun after shooting him with it. I looted his food supplies and continued on my way.

After a hour had passed I found myself outside the city. It had giant walls surrounding it so I looked for a gate and was confronted by a guard. "300 caps" he said. I threw him a bag and he opened the gate. "Trouble equals death" He mused "Remember this" I continued walking and found a giant mall, I walked in and was greeted by a man dressed in a tuxedo. "Welcome, you must be Six." he said in a annoying sing-song voice "Follow me to your room, right this way." We walked into a semi-ruined book store and he said due to lack of space I had to share with a man and a woman called Johnny and Katie. "Bye, bye!" said the man in the tuxedo. I walked into my new home.

After a few hours Six left his new house to go buy some supplies for the night. He sold some of the gear that he had got from the trader. He walked back home and went to sleep, not bothering to speak to his new roommates.

Eventually, he left, leaving no clue of his reasons. He walked the wastes for years, but left no records of himself. Eventually after many years his prized rifle was found, next to it was a note, containing just a few words. "Continue my legacy."

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