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That mofo TheEverRuler went that way.


Downward fucking dog!

Planned Perks, Edit it and let me know what to get and what not toEdit

2- Intense training (Perception Increase)

4- Educated (Used for max skills)

6- Comprehension (Used for max skills)

8- Toughness (Increased defense against enemies)

10- Cowboy (Used for medicine stick and Chance's knife)

12- Finesse (Combining with luck)

14- Vigilant recycler (Optimized Cells for YCS)

16- Weapon Handling (Meets all strength requirements)

18- Better Criticals (More Damage combined with luck and finesse)

20- Concentrated fire (Increased accuracy for long range)

22- Laser Commander (Combined with critical chances and compliance regulator)

24- Grunt (Combined with A light shining in darkness and chance's knife)

26- Sniper (Combined with concentrated fire for better accuracy in the head)

28- Jury Rigging (Heavy weapons maintenance)

30- Implant GRX (slow downs and advantages without addiction)

32- Hand loader (Hand load rounds for the 45. auto submachine gun)

34- Stonewall (Prevents knockdowns from deathclaws and tunnelers)

36- Implant GRX 2 (Even a bigger advantage)

38- Purifier (Combined with Ballistic fist and sneak attack criticals)

40- Intense Training 2 (Luck increase for the complimentary voucher)

42- Intense Training 3 (Endurance Increase For Implant GRX)

44- Toughness 2 (Better protection against Enemies)

46- Mad bomber (Nuka Grenades deals the second most damage of all the grenades)

48- Nuka chemist (Useful for Nuka grenades)

50- Thought you died (More damage And more health with good karma)

Suggestions about my perks? Then write hereEdit

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