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  • I live in Portugal
  • I was born on March 19
  • I am Male


"If it's hostile, you shoot it"

"Yes Nukey, I am gonna eat this nuke so stop asking. It's my nuke and you can't have it" :)

"Why...Won't...You...Die...Oh, You Are Already Dead...Oops."

"You fight for your life...YOU DIE for your LIFE!"

"They are zombies man! They are freaking zombies!!!"

"May you die in peace, because life is hell..."

"There are two types of person in this world, the ones who shoot... and the ones who get shot."

"If you ever need something or someone to help you...... talk to somebody else!!!"


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If you want, you can add me on PSN, my username is "alexpain", just say you are from the wiki.

I believe in the superiority of the Fallout games over everything else, even life. (And death... death will never stop the FALLOUT world from conquering real life... NEVER!!!!!)

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