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I love Fallout. Always have, always will. My friends all joined the Fallout lover crew when 3 came out and now all I hear is questions asking how to get blank or kill blank. I also like to write. I don't like it when people hate each other for bullshit reasons. I will always be tolerant of others no matter how much I disagree with them. Also most fighting is pointless in the long run and we don't want the world to end up like Fallout... well some of us do cause that would be SICK. I hope to survive doomsday next year :) Both my Xbox LIVE and Steam accounts are SMITE THEE DOWN feel free to send me a friend request just say you are from the wiki. Thanks for reading this you lurker. Have a nice day.

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In 2286, Zach is the young tribal leader of the Northstars Tribe, a group of tribals originally from Vault 42 but are now based out of the ruins of UCSC and the Monterey Bay Area. This tribe survived horrors of the wastelands like the Master and the Enclave since their Vault was placed deep beneath the Monterey Bay and was literally under the radar. This Vault's experiment was to test the adaptability of human beings in short amounts of time if exposed to certain elements. This project was similar to the FEV, but thankfully 3 days before the war the system made for administration of these elements cracked under the intense ocean pressure and released all of the chemecals into the Bay. Unfortunatley this led to the mutation of all the local marine life. The famous Sea Otter once held as an innocent and cute became the most ferocious monster on this side of the Pacific, the blood thirsty Slotter. Vault 42 began to show signs of leaking in late 2264. The water that leaked into the Vault caused the horrendous mutations previously averted by chance. By early 2269 half the Vault's population was mutated, after realizing that the effects were not contagious Vault leaders searched for ways to stop the leaks. After none were found an engineer named David North wanted to leave the Vault and he had quite a number of people who agreed with him. But the Overseer and many others wanted to try to repair their ancient home. Both groups were becoming desperate enough to resort to violence so the two leaders, in order to avert disaster agreed on a compromise. If at the end of the year no way to fix the Vault was found North was allowed to lead the dwellers to safety. By the years end no repairs had been made so North lead what would become the Northstars out of Vault 42 and into the Monterey Bay area. These new tribals survived in the beginning by fishing and hunting deer, but after they discovered the intact remains of UCSC the began to farm. These farms around old UCSC became the basis for the Town of Santerey named in honor of the town and area which had saved them. <more info rememebeebrberberr to do> Zach is the 16 year old son of David North and was appointed leader after David's tragic death by the slime of Giant Mutated Banana Slug or GMBS for short. The once docile creature was mutated by the Master indirectly and now has slime which was once just like glue is now like quick drying cement. To even touch one of these creatures is deadly due to the slime reacting quickly to foreign substances. This slime also acts as a bullet proof shield but also makes it quick to burn or vaporize. These slugs were the main problem that the Northstars faced when farming because of their tendency to be huge and eat everything in sight. Zach and the Northstars are hostile to the NCR due to miscommunication that led to 33 Northstar farmers to be killed. The slugs make trade between other areas extremely risky so they have had little contact with other groups except for the Followers of the Apocalypse who sent emmissarys to Santerey in order gain knowledge from the university there.

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