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Xigwin was once a Vault Dweller from undisclosed Vault somewhere in Two Sun, Arizona but now he served as a Legionnaire under Caesar. He is now currently located on the Mojave Wasteland to help with the NCR-Legion War under the command of Vulpes Inculta Xigwin served as one his Agent though he is not a Frumentarii a decision which confuse everyone and him. He now must somehow find a way to help the Legion win the war against NCR.

Character HistoryEdit

After the Legion conquest of Arizona Caesar Xigwin Vault was raided by his Legionary. At first the Vault citizen courageously defended against the Legion assault. After a while what was though to be a simple raid turn into a war of attrition which lasted for some time. Back then he was not called by the name Xigwin his real name has been erased from history or more likely he simply want to forget it. In the past he was just a simple engineer fixing the Vault ventilation system he did not have any martial prowess nor have even fired a gun before he have very limited military knowledge but even he can see that the battle does not bode well for the Vault Dweller.

For every five legion they killed they take one of them. Seeing his friend getting slaughtered is becoming unbearable at first he asked the Vault Overseer to let him negotiate peace with the Legion the Overseer agree and Xigwin become the official Ambassador to the Legion. Caesar accepted the peace offer and offered an invitation to all of the Vault Dweller to a "feast" as a sign of goodwill from the Legion but the feast that Xigwin have though is not the same one that Caesar thought.

During the feast Legion soldiers captured the men and women to be used as slave while the sick and the elderly is killed Xigwin was among those who are captured. How he became a Legionary is an even bigger mystery.

Service in the Legion Edit

The Razing of Nipton

During Vulpes Inculta razing of the town of Nipton he performed wonderfully as a member of Caesar's Legion he partake in the slaughter of innocents, the execution of NCR Soldiers and Powder Ganger members. The Gentle engineer from Two Sun is no more he is now known by his Legion name "Xigwin of Two Sun".

Nipton Massacre

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