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  • I live in Florida
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male


I likes ya, and I wants ya. The chaws is yaws."

— Fleece Johnson, Ultimate Booty Warrior

About This Wasteland WandererEdit

Well hello there. I loves me some video games. So I got into the Fallout series from a friend of mine telling me about it a few years back and I went out and bought 3. I put over 246 hours into Fallout 3, and have put almost double that into New Vegas. However, my interest in fallout has sharply declined the past few months,I sold both games but I'm still interested in the series. I spend the majority of the time here on chat. Should you need me, I'm probably there. If not, leave me a message on my Talk Page and I'll get back to you. My secondary account is Robsee055.

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Quotes From Chat That Made Me LaughEdit

Vault75: hey eb

EB683: zup

Vault75: are you admin

EB363: sure, why not

RamboRob196: Clyde. I love you man. <3

Kingclyde: As do i, in a non-homoerotic way.

Victor The Securitron: I'm going to throw a ball. Pray I don't mess up gravity.

Victor The Secutitron: The waitress came up to us and said "What would you young ladies like for drinks?" And then I looked up and she freaked out with "I'm so sorry!"

JASPER42: Yeah, well you are fuck ugly, so I'd imagine she'd freak.

RamboRob196: Gunny looks at all the logs. ;D

ToCxHawK: The Old Man can go through the logs all he wants. He can't see them anyways. Too old. His sight is failing.

MJ67: *Takes dildo out of Evers mouth then stabs him in the heart and he dies* NOOOOOOO! Well I'ma go to bed now. Cya guys. But before I go... *Whips out dildo and anal rapes Scotsman till he dies* Bye!

RamboRob196: O_O ALL of my wat....?

ToCxHawK: so leeam, hows your asshole?

Higgey the Scotsman: Rob likes Nutella. Nutella is ruined for me.

RamboRob196: :(

DragonBorn96: Liam. Rob likes women. Wutugonnado.

Higgey the Scotsman: Oh god...

Agent c: What exactly is a SAM site going to do? Instead of crashing into a building, it crashes into a neighborhood.

RamboRob196: It’ll shoot down a plane. Over a highly populated city.

Agent c: A victory for democracy there.

DragonBorn96: Next step, Liberty Prime.

ToCxHawK: I never seen mary poppins.

Miss.Nicolle: She was a bitch in real life. The actress I mean.

DragonBorn96: I doubt it’s your kind of film, Eric. There’s a distinct lack of tits.

Higgey the Scotsman: Slenderman.

Gothic Neko: Slenderman.

DragonBorn96: Slenderman gonna slend.

(DragonBorn has just come in with a new avatar.)

DragonBorn96: If none of you get it, I hate you all.

RamboRob196: I get it. :D

DragonBorn96: What is it then?

RamboRob196: It’s a picture. :D

DragonBorn96: -_-

Denis517: I don’t get it…

DragonBorn96: You all sicken me.

HoneyBooBooChildAlana: Today she only had 10 ice cream sandwiches, 3 hershey bars, and 17 pieces of fried chicken.

RamboRob196: k bro

HoneyBooBooChildAlana: I’m so proud of her.

RamboRob196: Calm the fuck down.

Nebenthe: Sweet Jesus…

JASPER42: TBH, that’s an average meal for an American.

RamboRob196: LOL

RamboRob196: Where the fuck is Todd?

Higgey the Scotsman: He was kidnapped by shemales with 12 inch dicks and Z cup breasts. Don’t worry, he’s happy now. In a better place.

Denis 517: Liam, you obviously never watched good porn.

Higgey the Scotsman: I know of good porn, but the majority of it is plastic tits and moans that sound like the growls of a pissed off bear.

Higgey the Scotsman: Fattening food served to kids at schools. ‘Merica

Higgey the Scotsman: Neko has the soul of a woman.

(Higgey the Scotsman (talk) has been kicked from the chat by Gothic Neko)

Gothic Neko: BITCH PLEASE.

Tocinoman: Mojave, mo' problems.

The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma: I got a B on the chemistry exam, an E on the Islam exam and an A on the media portion.

DragonBorn96: E? xD What did you do for that?

The lone wanderer's bad-ass grandma: Well, one of the questions was "How does Id-Ul further strengthen the Muslim community?" and my answer was "I don't know what that is, but I assume if they all go down to the gym, and thus get stronger as a community."

Vault girl76: I need people with black souls

RamboRob196: I have a black soul.

Vault girl76: Rob has a petty soul.

RamboRob196: :|

Vault girl76: >:3

Cc99910: My buns are full of honey.

Vault girl76: I would never murder someone. Unless it's Rob.

RamboRob196: :')

Cc99910: Let's murder Rob.

(Discussing phone sex.) Gothic Neko: I couldn't figure out where to stick my dick, so I put the phone away.

Higgey the Scotsman: I hate when people clap at the end of a movie. Who are they applauding? You applaud at a play because the actors are there to enjoy your appreciation. Applauding at a cinema is like saying "Thank you" to the ticket machine.

Archmage Neko: Also, I'm watching a damn awful video comparing the 15th Century Japanese katana and the 15th Century English longsword. They swung the blades in two different ways and said "The katana is better because it sliced a piece of the armour off." When they swung the katana down the side of the dummy and the longsword into the centre of the dummy. So yeah, of course the katana would cleave off a piece of the armor, bloody idiots...

Higgey the Scotsman: Duncan will now write a strongly-worded letter of complaint to these people.

Higgey the Scotsman: Why bother reporting folks on Omegle? The number of guys choking the chicken will still be in the thousands.

DragonBorn96: <//Error 418: We are a teapot//>

RamboRob196: Yeah, me and Fraze are teapots. Can't touch me, biiitch! :D

DragonBorn96: I didn't even mention you. I am a fine Chinese porcelain teapot. You're a little plastic one you get in a girl's toy kitchen set.

Higgey the Scotsman: If only pizza delivery went from "Here is your pizza ma'm, that'll be $12.99" to "fuk my azzzz oh yeeeee" in the real world.

Archmage Neko: You want your pizza deliverers to say "fuk my azzzz oh yeeeee"?

HarleyAliceQuinn: Most pizza delivery guys I've had could either barely speak english or were acne ridden. I'll pass.

JASPER42: "eeewww bbyyyy who is ur dadeee?"

Archmage Neko: Texan response: "You are."


Higgey the Scotsman: "unghghghghg yeee cummin soon bitch yeeeeeeeh" "ohh baybay in my mowf o yeeeeee"

HarleyAliceQuinn: I really don't get incest porn ._. Ew

DragonBorn96: It's a game for all the family.

HarleyAliceQuinn: Robert *cough* JIMMY & GILLIAN *cough*

RamboRob196: I'M EATING.

Archmage Neko: I say, what a smashing pair of norks you have. Mind if I have a jolly with them, though I do apologise dearest since I lack any rubber john doolallies.

HarleyAliceQuinn: Why did that make me picture Nigel Thornberry? WHY?



Archmage Neko: Oh, I'm coming Poppit! Oh, oh, OH- BLARGARGHARGGHARGH


Higgey the Scotsman: >Japanese porn

Why? Eastern asian women look like little girls, even when their fully matured and hell, the sounds they make during sex... like a kitten being stood on or something.

>Asian porn


Higgey the Scotsman: "N'yesss darling give me a right good rogering with that womb broom of yours!" - English porn

DragonBorn96: Chav porn

HarleyAliceQuinn: Oooh, Swedish. I love Swedish. UNCENSORED Japanese is the best though. Asians are my favourite.

Victor the Securitron: The Nazis made a tank that fired joke bans, but even the Nazis didn't use it because it was deemed inhumane.

HarleyAliceQuinn: "______ has invited you to play Farmville 2" DIE. NOW. Farmville is a plague on humanity.


>there is no gray paint

>what is wrong with America


RamboRob196: Lol

JASPER42: "Oh I can't find my keys, best blow up the mall" You know, maybe 9/11 happened because Bin Laden couldn't find a shade of green that goes well with this cave.

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