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Don't mind me! I'm just stealing your stuff

— Psychomantis108 The Hanged Man

A man who uses pride as a shield has a very weak defence...

— Psychomantis108 The Hanged Man

You want to dance with the devil? Well here I am!

— Psychomantis108 The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man, was once a Grave Digger who had a brush with the law back in 1911 and once cornered was gunned down. Resurrected in the body of an old gun slinger[1] he wreaks havoc on the world with his madness!

Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3)This user is the president of the Enclave's congressman.

[[2]] Frank_Horrigan voted for me... (apparently)

considering I have noticed stuff that may not have been mentioned in wikis I felt I would contribute if you don't like my posts for any reason such as them being not very factual or you feel they are irrelevant feel free to remove them although due to my love for the fallout franchise I promise to always try to be relevant and factual.

I am Psychomantis108 Better known as the Hanged Man I play a lot of Fallout (a lot of people hate me for it) and some other games such as Red Dead redemption...

I contribute what I feel is important (the important words being "what I feel") I won't make loads of posts unless I feel they need to be posted.

I can usually be found in Chat if I'm not there then I am elsewhere, I have no strict patern of appearing in chat.


The Lobotobear NationEdit

Lobotobear nation!

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All my troubles, all my pain. Stems from this thing that you call a brain. Be my guest, sever me from the source of all my agony

— Voltaire

The lobotobear nation (also known as the Second Unity) was founded in 2281, when a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Furor discovered the corpse of a human male without a brain. Furor dedicated years of his life to understanding the nature of the lobotomite and was eventually exiled from NCR territory in California for "unethical research" after which he kidnapped some citizens of an unimportant town and surgically removed their brains! Now he and his army of "Lobotobears" (as he lovingly calls them) march through Vegas, harvesting as many corpses as they can! It's not a matter of "if" you will join the lobotobear army... it's "when!"

Culture of the lobotobear nationEdit

The Lobotobears maybe brainless, but they aren't stupid!

National AnthemEdit

Lobotobears have their own national anthem, although because all Lobotobears are mutes they are all just stand proudly as this great anthem plays.



Lobotobears are fed on a steady diet of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, which is the nations food. Of course lobotobears don't need to eat and gain little to no nurishment from what they consume.


The Lobotbears have an unrivalled military force which can not be beat by and conventional means. They have destroyed and converted all of the major factions and their leaders and have soldiers stationed at every strong point in the mojave!

Method of recruitmentEdit

Lobotobears are not born, they are created any soldier under the bear or bull who falls will be picked up after their own have abandoned them and given purpose. They will be reborn as "lobotobears" and will immediatley take their weapon and rank amongst their brothers and sisters in glorious battle.

The lobotobear nation has quelled the power armoured boyscouts and will soon crush the dust dwelling vikings and the boomers of Nellis air force base.

The lobotobears have not gone without casualties, however, mainly as Caesar's camp where the entire army (and almost Dr Furer) were lost at the great battle. Those units, however, were quickly replaced by many of the fallen legionaries. Helios had many casualties though none nearly as devastating as the assault on the legion fort.

Taking the legion fort prooved to be a valuable asset despite the many set backs of losing the Bears of steel, the assets of the lobotobulls proved most useful, however.


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