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Knight Captain Sloan Edit

Born and raised in the Capitol wasteland, I have spent much time searching for the rare and valuable items the atomic age has hidden from us. My travels have taken me across the wastland and up and down the East coast, from The Pitt to Point Lookout. Scavaging the wasteland has brought me to places long ago considered fortresses and modern creations that seem out of this world. I continue to purge the Earth and Sky of the scourge that is mutantkind and all the abombinations that those fateful bombs did to the creatures of Earth. Initated into the Brotherhood of Steel in my 20th year, I helped in nthe mission to rid the DC area of the Enclave. As such I was awarded a spot in the Lyon's Pride, an elite group of warriors with no equal. After the defeat of the Enclave I was promoted to Knight, which is my current rank. Elder Lyons has deemed me worthy of a special assignment to which I am currently seeing to. I am to reconsile with the remaining Brotherhood Outcasts and bring them back into the fold. Elder Lyon's has returned to the Brotherhood's main objective, which should make my mission easier. My orders are to heal the wound caused by the splinter, and if they will not return, report back and they will be dealt with with great efficiency.

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