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How I got here Edit

I was playing Fallout 3 with all add-ons for first time, and I needed to check some weapon stats, since Pip-Boy is not so clear on all those things. I was fascinated with all info on weapon pages here, but I noticed that Fallout 3 weapons page wasn't well enough maintained (missing some DLC weapons in proper sections, missing stats, etc...). That why I became more active here on wiki, in order to clear up and improve standard of Fallout 3 weapons page, more for my personal benefit (so I would have nice page to refer to when playing) then anything else. I'm was also active here and there on specific weapon pages too. I'm pleased to say that now (26-Sep-2009), after some work, it looks pretty good, although it could always use more polish.

Now, I pass there from time to time and add things if needed.

Some interesting links from G.E.C.K. wiki Edit

[1] Weapon Damage Formula

[2] Critical Hit Chance Formula

[3] Gun Spread Formula

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