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Anton Pracovik 7250
(Former)Country of Origin- United States of America 
Race- Russian-American
Hair Color-Black
Weight-ESTI.-195 pounds
Notable Features-Small, barely noticable scars over 
right eye and on forehead. Carries V.T. PIP-BOY 3000A 
Arm-Mounted Computer device (Can, under 
circumstances, not be considered a feature.).

NOTE: This person is to be considered a permanent 
non-profit mercenary working for the NCR. 
He is not a soldier nor is he aligned with 
any armed force. He is not expected to follow any 
order, and can be considered disposable though 
that is not preferable.
He has a noted marksmanship with all guns or energy weapons he may have,
as he has killed hostiles at exceptional ranges. It is unknown how he has
such abilities. He may have been taught by a Craig Boone, who was of 
the 1st recon unit and has often been seen with this person at varying  
intervals[UNCONFIRMED]. Mr. Pracovik also has a considerable knowledge 
of the culinary arts and is known to be a master at staying in the 
field for a long period of time. He also has a noted capability with 
explosives which has yet to be determined and has an amazing knowledge
of melee combat and hand-to-hand fighting. He apparently
gained some form of scientific knowledge from the Big Empty as well. His ability   
to remain undetected is unparalleled and his ability to sway people from one 
cause to another is reminiscent of Marc Anthony from long before the war.
Unknown, but is known to use a variety of weapons, including a 50 BMG 
Anti-Armor rifle {Anti-materiel rifle (GRA)+all upgrades},
a silenced .308 sniper rifle for covert ops
{Christine's COS silencer rifle} a...heavily modified 
automatic 12.7mm SMG{12.7mm submachine gun (GRA)+all upgrades} 
(someone please confirm that), a heavily modified 6-round pistol
{A Light Shining in Darkness} 
,An unusual laser rifle of some sort{Elijah's advanced LAER}
(ugh, someone confirm that too), a Combat Knife with 
a significantly larger blade{Blood-Nap} ,
 and a remarkably long range flamethrower
{Cleansing Flame (GRA)}. 
Surprisingly, he has abandoned his old T-51b Power Armor for a new suit of
Pre-War riot armor apparently made specifically for him{Elite riot gear},
also, he has some form of stealth suit that has yet to be identified
{Stealth suit Mk II}.He is noted to have many forms of civilian
attire, so be aware of the shape of his face.
All of this is based on field intelligence and cannot be relied upon in an

Mr.Pracovik is noted for his defiance of authority. 
He will not obey an order if:

1. He feels he has been insulted.
2. He feels it is an order and not a request.
3. He is told to put his gun away or down.

We have had reports of missing personnel in camps after his leaving.
No gunfire was reported but bodies have been found.
He is loved by the people of New Vegas and they have been known to assist him 
in combat.
He is also loved (and feared) by many members of our military. 
It is unknown if they will turn on the NCR if provoked.
He is considered as a messiah by some for his generally good actions.
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