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Muggy here! Whats up? Check out these helpful pages which I visit most!

Fallout New Vegas Wiki PagesEdit

[1]-Weapons Here! This page helped me find all of them!

[2]-Helped me know what the heck I was fighting.

[3]-Helped me know what I'm wearing.

Fallout 3 wiki pagesEdit

[4]-Helped me know where to find weapons

[5]-Helped me get to places

Fallout New Vegas Tips Edit

  • 1.Barter is highly helpful
  • 2.Speech is highly helpful
  • 3.Companions are extremely helpful
  • 4.Please message me for help, I've mastered this game!

News Edit

Right now I'm doing Fallout New Vegas on xbox, trying to complete the story again. This time with no console commands! I haven't touched anything else, because I'm focused on the story I'll get back to you soon on Fallout 3 (On computer) .

Current Projects Edit


Whats you'r favorite Fallout New Vegas gang?

I'd love to know you'r favorite Fallout New Vegas gang! Message me about it please! Choices are...
  • Powder Gangers
  • NCR (Not quite a gang, but still a choice)
  • Brotherhood of Steel
  • Great Kans
  • Legion
  • Followers of the apocalypse
  • Any New Vegas Casino Family
  • Other

New Vegas Hobbys Edit

  • Trying to kill Deathclaws
  • Going to black mountain
  • Killing everyone in new vegas

Thanks for reading,--Muggy the Mini Securitron 06:31, April 18, 2012 (UTC)

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