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'And' and commas are both conjunctions: they should be adjacent very rarely.

'I' before 'e' (except after 'c').

The text 'that is' is equivalent to the latin term 'id est' and can be shortened to the text 'i.e.'. This should be followed by a comma.

The text 'for example' is equivalent to the latin term 'exempli gratia' and can be shortened to the text 'e.g.' This should also be followed by a comma

Short bullet points (i.e., not long enough to constitute a full sentence) do not require capitalization or a full stop.

Speech (i.e., text in double quotes) used within a sentence should often be preceded by a comma or some other piece of punctuation.

Yes, I'm a grammar nazi and will ruthlessly fix any 'orrible mistakes I find with proper English (that's real English; not this annoying, paperclip-pushed, Microsoft American English tripe). When I can be bothered, that is.

I've also been playing Fallout: New Vegas for about 10 hours and have come across absolutely no bugs whatsoever. To be quite frank, I'm very disappointed. I had expected blue screens, CTDs bringing down hardware components left, right and centre, quest script failures, random hostility and the rest. What do I get? Nothing, that's what.

Although this arbitrary "no you can't go over there; I'm going to throw an invisible barrier in front of you" bollocks is starting to annoy me. As is the five-second delay between pressing ctrl and having the Courier jump out of sneak.

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