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Hello. I am Mario479 and I am always trying to help The Vault when I have the chance to. I enjoy editing The Vault while I am playing one of the Fallout games to guarrantee that the information I am adding to The Vault is more precise and correct. I also have a profile with the same name in Gamespot, Fallout Answers, Fanpop and the Fallout Official Website. Fallout: New Vegas was the first game from the Fallout series I ever played and I enjoyed it a lot! I am currently playing Fallout 3 as I have just finished doing "everything" (explore all locations, complete all side-quests, etc.) in New Vegas and I hope that Fallout 3 will be as fun and cool as New Vegas!

Cool Fallout DiscoveriesEdit

Fallout: New VegasEdit

1) Check out what lies "inside" the Lucky 38 building. This may the terminal which triggers the songs which are played inside The Tops casino. I don't know how I managed to do this and this is NOT a hack. This was also made in Xbox 360 with the 1.2 patch installed.

(sorry, I forgot to add the "8" to the "Lucky 38" while making the website)

Fallout 3Edit

Nothing for now.

My Main Goals In This Wiki (Quests)Edit

  • Make as many useful and good edits as possible! repeatIcon repeat
    • Progress - I will always be working on this goal (quest), which means that I will never be able to complete it!
  • Recieve a "gift" (e.g. you recieved dozen of jet) from one one The Vault's admintrators so that I can see that I am in the correct track in terms of editing. noIcon cross
    • Progress - Uncompleted
  • After doing around 1500 - 2000 edits, I will be able to see that I am responsible and trusted enough by The Vault team to make my first request to be a Vault adminstrator! noIcon cross
    • Progress - None of the steps are completed yet.
  • Participate in 5 projects from The Vault. yesIcon check
    • Progress - Participated on five projects: Bug Verification Project / Fallout 3 creatures project / Fallout: New Vegas creatures project / Fallout 3 locations project / Fallout New Vegas locations project

My EditsEdit

Lucky 38

The Lucky 38 Casino

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My "Badges"Edit

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My GiftsEdit

I currently no gifts.

My Personal GalleryEdit

In this section, you will find my personal favourite pictures from the different Fallout Wiki pages:

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Operation Anchorage WeaponsEdit


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