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December 25, 2010
  • I live in illinois
  • I was born on September 20
  • I am male
i have put in 130 hours into fallout 3 and over 150 hours into fallout new vegas

i also have found every rare wepon in fallout new vegas and have one of the longest ending videos that i have seen for fallout new vegas. for my moral standing for both games:for fallout 3 I had a worst moral standings possible as for fallout new vegas i have the highest moral standings you can have the reason being for this is because in fallout 3 it was extreamly easy to be evil but in fallout new vegas it is very difficult to be evil and still play the game and have fun and to play the game smoothly. on a funny side note i am prone to having weird,creepy,and just out right unexplainible giltches for example when i played fallout 3 one of the weirdest giltches that happened to me was when i went into the "hotel" in megaton one of the people there had their head all the way in their chest. as for fallout new vegas i am happy to say that it has been smooth in the sense of gitches except with the new dlc "dead money" the gitch that has been reoccuring to me is ill go into vats and ill do everything that i normally do lock on choose which body part i want to shoot at and then press ok but then instead of doing what its supposed to do my guy just stand there in slow motion while the target/targets i tried to attack are shooting/hitting me.

one thing i hope the future dlcs include is some stuff from fallout 2 and more stuff like that i am very interested in the history of the fallout games i am also very interested in this thing about this other courier it seems like the next dlc will be more interesting than dead money was even though dead money had some good ideas it could have had more. now i dont know if this is just me but this whole idea of a fallout online game just doesnt seem like it would work out ver
>y well.

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