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Peter grew up in the tomb of Vault 101 he had a distanced relationship with his father and when he got woke up by Amata at the age of 19 he wasn't suprised that his Dad had left the Vault, he knew that his father was planning something but just wasn't sure what. So he set out into the harsh wasteland and decided he needed a name change he heard the DJ 3 Dog call him the Lone wanderer when talking about how he disarmed the Megaton bomb so he decided to call himself Lone Merc. People set there hopes high for Lone Merc after he disarmed the Bomb, but what they don't realise is that the only reason he disarmed it is because he wasn't about to walk all the way to Tenpenny Tower just to see an explosion he could see on youtube. So weeks went by and Lone Merc helped more and more people (Always getting payed ofcourse) then one day after he destroyed the mobile base crawler for the Brotherhood he found out that Brotherhood Holotags fetched quite a price, so, on went his Stealth suit and he went around the Citadel putting a live grenade into every single Brotherhood member he could find. After that day all he really cared about was caps and unique Weapons so to pointlookout he went and took Pliks Safari and got the dismemberer and killed Plik to get his money back, but a mean seriously 1000 caps just to kill a couple of ghouls there wasn't even a Reaver to make it challenging. After coming back to the Capital Wasteland he trekked up north and got a mysterious radio signal from Recon Craft Theta and he discovered an alien life form he took the little green mans weapons and ammo and then decided to carry him all the way to megaton and sit him in the seat outside the gates (Just for the Alien to FUCKING disappear the next day) This made him so angry he decided to slaughter Megaton. He realised after slaughtering Megaton that he hasn't had a companion since Amata, so he set off to Scrap yard and got Dogmeat. So to this day Lone Merc sits in his cap filled house shooting what Megaton Settlers respawn and killing many Super Mutants to sell there Blood Samples to Tristan.


1. Point Lookout

2. The Pitt

3. Broken Steel

4. Operation Anchorage

5. Mothership Zeta

Mothership Zeta was very disapointing considering the possibilities for it. And the space walk sucked! Thanks Bethesda.


I do some minor edits other than that I can't really find much to edit I bought the game to late. Though I'm pre-ordering new vegas.


I just ordered the fallout trilogy

Things that make me laugh so hard I eventually forget what I was laughing atEdit

[1] Watch everything he says is true.

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I'm the leader of the Call of Duty WaW clan V!Pz, were recruiting so go on to gamebattles create an account or add me on XBL and we'll give you a clan trial.

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