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The FOOL to V13 project is a project dedicated to removing the usage of "Fallout Online" when talking about the old MMO project from Interplay, and using it's codename, Project V13. As the game is now canceled, calling it Fallout Online could result in some confusion, especially if there at some point in the future is announced an MMO set in the Fallout Universe. The project leader is User:KristofferAG. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask him.


This project is going to be considered a clean-up project. Just replacing the words "Fallout Online" with "Project V13" isn't going to be enough. We also need to move pages with (Fallout Online) in them, change the word in MOST but not ALL places, create redirects, make sure there are no double redirects, a good amount of templates need fixing, and so forth.


If you're going to partake in this project, add your name below by typing in {{userlink|yourname}} on a new line.

To DoEdit

  • [[Category:Fallout Online]]
  • Templates
I've taken care of the FOOL template in most cases, but if you come over anything and you're unsure on what to do, get in touch or post it below so someone else can take care of it.

Go through articles in Category:Project V13 and make sure that Fallout Online has been switched out with Project V13.

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