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Theodore "Texas" Calhoun is the sheriff and doctor of Coyote Bluff in 2281.



Theodore Calhoun was born in the small settlement of Trapper Flats in 2214. Like all other boys growing up in the settlement, Theodore was taught how to hunt and trap by his father. Theodore was among one of the best marksmen and trappers in the settlements' history, but that didn't mean he got special treatment; if he talked back to his mother, he got smacked with a big spoon, if he cracked wise to his father, he would get smacked across the face.

A gathering stormEdit

In May of 2236, he married Charlotte Le Bret, a local woman he had known for many years. A month later, Trapper Flats was ransacked by a raider ambush during the night. Theodore did his best to help in the determent of the attack, but he was shot in the shoulder and thrown to the ground. To make matters worse, a shed collapsed on top of him, rendering him unconscious. He awoke to hands pulling at his shirt. He thought it was one of his neighbors helping him out of the debris, but it turned out to be a scavenger named Jedediah Samson trying to loot him for what little he had on him. The man told him that the town was sacked and if anyone was in town, they were dead. Theodore immediately went in search for his family, fearing the rumor to be true. He went to the plot of land that used to his house and saw burnt bodies; but only two of them. Upon further inspection he found his fathers pistol which miraculously was still intact and his mother's harmonica, meaning that his wife was likely kidnapped by the raiders.

Caravan guardEdit

He buried his mother and father next to each other on the same plot of land they had been found. Like any reasonable person, he wept at the loss of his family, but stopped when he realized crying wouldn’t bring them back and his father didn't raise a little bitch. Jedediah then offered him a ride on his caravan a couple hundred yards off, feeling sorry about Theodore's predicament. Feeling there was nothing left for him here, Theodore accepted the ride. For 7 years, he treaded the wastes in all directions as an informal employee of Samson Caravans. The job took him everywhere in the Four States Commonwealth and the Texas Commonwealth. In 2243, the caravan was taken by surprise by a group of tribals calling themselves the Sun Birds. Theodore managed to kill the tribals with the rifle he had kept from Trapper Flats, but not before they killed the other caravaners and set the supply wagon ablaze.

In 2254, he stumbled destitute into the town of Lobo after being in the Texan wasteland for quite some time. After gaining the towns’ trust, he got a job with another caravan; this time the Texas Commonwealth branch of the Alamosa Trading Company. He was given two revolvers as part of company policy, in order to protect the caravan in case one of the revolvers decided to crap out. However, Texas just took this as an excuse to dual-wield pistols instead.

The Alamosa Trading Company caravan he was on guard with was called back to Alamosa to restock supplies. For 21 years, he stayed on the caravans’ route, protecting it from any overzealous raiders or nasty critters that wanted lunch. He treated the caravan well and in turn, was treated well himself. He made friends with the driver, Bill Ackerman, the guards, Cole Masters and Kate Parker; even the greenhorn, Derrick Payne.

Wandering the wastesEdit

Before finding Lobo, he stumbled into the Texan wasteland after Samson Caravans went up in smoke. It was then Theodore took up the name "Texas", trying to start anew. He spent more than a decade trying to find a settlement of some sort, but luckily his father didn’t raise a brat, so Texas was taught how to survive in the wastes. From there he lived in the desert for 11 years, just wandering the wastes on his own. He caught what he could in snares he built and got water from the occasional spring or cactus, his guitar and harmonica his only companionship.

Coyote BluffEdit

In 2275, the Alamosa caravan was on its Nevada run south when Texas saw smoke billowing on the horizon to the east. It was the town of Coyote Bluff which they often did business with, supplying them with food they couldn't find and ammunition they couldn’t make. However, the town was in much more trouble than running low on food and bullets; half the population had been killed and even more of the town had been burned down. The caravan unanimously agreed that Coyote Bluff needed the supplies far more than New Reno, so they remained in town and distributed the food and supplies. Texas tended to the wounded as Cole and Derrick looked for other survivors and Bill and Kate distributed the food.

Little by little, Coyote Bluff built from the ground up with the help of the caravan. After the mayor was killed in the attack, the citizens asked Texas to be mayor on account of his helpfulness tending to the wounded, but he declined because it was too much responsibility. He suggested Bill for the job, who gratefully accepted. Texas remarked that he wouldn’t mind being sheriff through, jokingly. However, the townsfolk agreed and made him the sheriff of Coyote Bluff.

Texas has stayed in the settlement ever since providing law in a land with no laws and protecting the town against wasteland threats. He may be old, but if you mess with him or his town, you can expect to find yourself feeding the buzzards.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Essential: noIcon cross
Companion: noIcon cross
Plays Caravan: noIcon cross
Merchant: yesIcon check
Repairman: yesIcon check
  • Repairs up to 100%
Doctor: yesIcon check
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: yesIcon check
Involved in quests: yesIcon check


Effects of player actionEdit

  • If the player attacks any of the townspeople, Sheriff Calhoun will turn permanently hostile.
  • After completion of Don't Mess With Texas!, he will share a bowl of his mothers stew with you as celebration. If you compliment the stew, he'll hand you the recipe.

Other interactionsEdit

  • Sheriff Calhoun has learned a few tricks as a result of living out in the wasteland for 11 years. Talking to him about his life in the Texan wilderness will increase your Survival skill by 10 points for the next 8 hours.


  • Calhoun appears to be addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, as his clinic is crammed with cartons and packs of cigarettes and he has a cigarette on his person at all time.
  • Calhoun has learned that in post-Armageddon, nothing means more than friends and family. Furthermore, if you harm any members of his caravan, he will frenzy, killing the nearest thing to him. Texas is the only person in the game that can frenzy.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Hmmm... a newcomer, don't get many of those 'round these parts. Listen up - I'm only gonna say this once; fuck around with my town 'nd yer gonna be in a world of hurt. Now that we got that outta the way, welcome to Coyote Bluff."
  • "*chuckles* Kid, I've been socked, kicked, stabbed, trampled, shot, and had a burning shack fall on me. If you make fun of me, it ain't gonna hurt my feelin's."
  • "I've killed far better men than you in my time and I ain't afraid to do it again."
  • "I don't mind them threatening the town. In fact, they can threaten the town all they want. But when they threaten me or my friends, it gets personal. Quite literally, in this case."



Theodore "Texas" Calhoun appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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