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October 3, 2011
  • I live in Iceland
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Electronic Engineering (Studying)
  • I am Male

"Behold, I have with me, the very last roll of Toilet Paper"

— Luckiest Man Alive

Some intro-type-thingieEdit

Well, let's get a start on (more like hard-on, amirite?). My name is Elís, I live in Iceland, I am currently in school, studying electronic engineering, I am also somewhat of an artist, or at least like to call myself that because I can draw pretty well.

I joined The Vault in 2008 I think, but lost my account, I don't know how that happened, and then again my second account, "Jesus-Condom" was blocked because of an "unacceptable username" (thanks a lot, Joes Pastry). Had I not lost my first two accounts I'd almost have a small amount of edits.

I first discovered the wonderful(maybe not so wonderful, but you get what I mean) world of Fallout when I tried Fallout 3 at my brother's, and since then Iv'e been in love with the franchise and pretty much anything post-apocalyptic.

Through The Vault I have become pretty knowledgeable of this franchise, and am on my first playthrough of Fallout.

Some of my interests include Art, comic books, science fiction, music, electricity and technology. I mostly listen to Rock/Metal/Electric and have recently discovered Psychobilly (if you know any good Psychobilly feel free to educate me), but not rap... not even once.

Aside from school I am also in the midst of writing up several Ideas for comics and stories, some of them Fallout fan stuff, many, many others from my very own "Post-Nuclear" world, and others from other worlds I've created for myself.

P.S. If you'd like me to draw something or something, don't be shy, i'm bored to tears in the real world and need something to do.

Now get the hell out, I have nothing more to say to you.

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