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Harley Rotherforth-Quinn
raceHuman, Caucasian
locationLondon, England

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(Contains Spoilers for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas)

Partially copied from The Lone Wanderer page, needs to be completely rewritten.

Harley, who would later be known as The Lone Wanderer and The Courier, was born in July 2258 to James and Catherine at the Jefferson Memorial, where they worked on Project Purity. Catherine died shortly after giving birth, due to cardiac arrest of an unknown cause. James suspended the project and travelled to Vault 101 via Megaton (with the help of Star Paladin Cross). Harley's childhood was kept a secret in order to shelter her from the outside world, and to keep up the pretence of the social experiment for which the Vault was constructed.

For 19 years she lived in Vault 101 without incident, but in 2277, 200 years after the Great War, James disappeared without any explanation. Harley, with the help of Amata Almodovar, left the safety of the Vault to search for him. Harley first took refuge in the little town of Megaton, and after disarming the atomic bomb in the centre, and helping Moira Brown complete an intelligent wasteland survival guide, took up residence there. While searching she helped many, such as finding a diplomatic solution to the problems in Arefu, aiding Big Town from a super mutant attack, rescuing a group of mercs known as Reilly's Rangers from a DC hotel rooftop, saving an escaped android from a life of slavery, aiding a group of escaped slaves, freeing child slaves from Paradise Falls, stopping a pair of "costumed kooks" from terrorising Canterbury Commons, ridding an infestation of fire ants from Grayditch, returning to vault 101 and stopping the Overseer's rein of tyranny, recovering the declaration of independence and a stradivarius violin; all the while collecting Quantum for a Nuka-Cola addict.

After tracking down her father, Project Purity was put back on track, but the reunion was cut short when the Enclave commander Augustus Autumn arrived and demanded ownership of the Project. James was unwilling to allow the project to fall into the hands of the Enclave and sacrificed himself by filling the control chamber of Project Purity with deadly amounts of radiation, in hopes of killing Colonel Autumn and the other soldiers. Colonel Autumn, however, survived. The Enclave took control of the project, but are unable to operate it.After fleeing from the Jefferson Memorial building with the remainder of Project Purity staff, Harley took refuge within the Citadel where she enlisted the help of the Brotherhood of Steel to retrieve a G.E.C.K. from Vault 87 for use in the soon-to-be-recaptured Project Purity. She enlisted the help of Fawkes, a friendly super mutant to retrieve the G.E.C.K. because it was in a highly irradiated chamber, and she would later begin travelling with him. Once the G.E.C.K. was retrieved, Harley was captured by Colonel Autumn and taken to Raven Rock. There, President Eden presented her with a canister of modified FEV for insertion into Project Purity, which would poison any mutated creature drinking the purified water. Harley was disgusted and aided in the destruction of Raven Rock. Project Purity was recaptured with the aid of Liberty Prime. There, after finally stopping Colonel Autumn the purifier was activated and the wasteland was finally given the greatest gift of all, fresh, clean drinking water.

Once the waters of life finally flowed and the Enclave were eradicated from the region, Harley joined the Brotherhood and began working as a Scribe, however she began to feel that her work in the Capital Wasteland was over, and decided to move West in order to to provide more support to more civilians via other sects of the Brotherhood of Steel, however, she found that they were unlike those she'd grown to know and love back East, and became disheartened by their lack of compassionate use of technology and civilian outreach, so she chose to leave in order to provide help to those in need using her diplomacy and extensive scientific and medical knowledge, where she would eventually join the Followers of the Apocalypse. On her travels she took up courier work in order to herself afloat, eventually reaching the Mojave. One October night in 2281 a delivery went badly wrong, Harley was shot and left for dead in a shallow unmarked grave. Found and nursed back to health she made a miraculous recovery, and after helping defend the town from a group of escaped convicts, she left, MF Hyperbreeder Alpha in hand, to track the men who attempted to kill her.

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