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  • I live in the multiverse
  • I was born on February 27
  • My occupation is superhero, holemaster and pollmaster
  • I am a superhuman or a god if you ask my cult.
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YorkistRoseRemove Lemon. Nuka Strong.

Hello ladies and gents and welcome to my user page. I am Jasper, but you can call me "sir" or "your majesty". I am a 21-year-old English scriptwriting student. I am also an admin and horribly corrupt, so watch out.


This struggle, ladies and gentlemen, may now be forever lost.

— Henry Stillman, Resistance 2

We can become the gods we've always been striving to be, we might as was well get good at it.

— Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

— Arthur C. Clarke, Clarke's third law

Everyone needs money. The only question is; how much?

— Lex Luthor, Justice League Animated Series

I'll let you go. I'll let all of you go.

— Father Elijah, Dead Money
Who am I? I'm the scariest mother fucker you ever gunna meet.
I'm Cook Cook bitch, better not forget it.
— CookCook, Fallout: New Vegas cut content

Kopraan Med Yuvon

— Dragon shout to turn enemies in to gold

Jasper "ShroomMan" McGreavy
Ever the Ghoul
Chris the Saiyan
Archmage Neko
AlignmentChaotic good
Tag skill(s)Superpowers
Skill Name Description Notes
Solar Beam The raw energy of pure sunlight is hurled at the target in a beam, capable of burning through armour and ripping flesh from the bone. Needs sunlight. Much weaker at night or indoors (impossible if there is no natural light in the room), takes time to charge up unless the sunlight is strong, in which case it fires instantly
Focus Punch A powerful punch that can shatter power armour and break bones, if done correctly. Takes time to focus energy, if interrupted focus will be lost.
Protect Creates a shield stopping basic damage, although heavier attacks can sometimes break through. If used multiple times in a short period it is likely to fail. It gets weaker and less reliable each time, unless allowed to cool down.
Energy Ball A small, relatively weak ball of energy is thrown at the target. Can be thrown very fast without consequence, effective against weak and unarmoured targets but less so on heavy armour
Giga Drain Drains the health from the target, some of which is used to heal self. Half the drained health is used to heal the user.
Growth The user's muscles grow, increasing strength and speed. Strength and speed increase by more in direct sunlight.
Bullet Seed The user forcefully spits seeds at the target in rapid succession. Seeds are needed to preform this attack.
Multiverse Crossover
Skill Name Description Notes
Kamehameha An explosive beam of ki energy. Signature attack of the students of the Turtle School. Taught by Chris the Saiyan as a result of the "Team Nuka Fighters" multiverse crossover.
Skill Name Description Notes
Photosynthesis Slowly healed by sunlight.
Immunity Poison and disease has no effect.

Staff of Ra
SkillAncient magic
TypeUnique staff
Effect+10 fire for 5s
Shock wave
EffectKnockdown for 5s

God of the sun, bitch

— Shroomman, in response to "Who the hell is Ra?"

The staff of Ra is an incredibly powerful weapon occasionally wielded by Shroomman.

Rumored to be the real staff of the sun god Ra the staff of Ra is a widely sought after and feared prize. The staff has two main forms of attack, the first is the ability to shoot fireballs from the tip, which deal additional burning damage and the second is a powerful shock wave knocking back all around the user, triggered by slamming the base of the base of the staff on the ground. The staff is also capable of summoning the sun itself and is literally indestructible.

Skill Name Description Notes
Fireball A fireball launched from the end of the staff of Ra. Deals additional burning damage over time.
Shock wave A shock wave that knocks back enemies and projectiles. Deals little damage, also effects allies.
Summon Sun Causes strong sunlight to shine down from above, regardless of weather or time of day. Cannot be used inside.









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