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A little bit about meEdit

Well.. I am a college student at West Suffolk College, Suffolk, England. I'm studying media production and have my own movie universe set up as I am planning to do many different movies from different characters viewpoints set in the universe I have created for my movies. obviously, if I get given an asignment to, say, make an advert for a milk product, it'd be very hard to do one set in a post-apocalyptic England, so obviously not all my stuff's gonna be set there, but most of the movies made out of college hours will be. I'm not giving away any details about it, but there are elements influenced from S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the Fallout series, though I do not rip off from them. I will use, for example, an exploded nuclear facility. S.T.A.L.K.E.R didn't invent that idea, as a reactor going critical and all other manner of problems are REAL. However, I will not use things like super-mutants, as Fallout DID invent those. Though I am planning of having a giant mutant freak in one of my movies as a "final boss" as it were, but still, nothing like a super mutant. I have only just started the course so it'll be a while before I actually make anything.

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