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{{Quotation|I can see it on your face, Where two bullets left their mark. !|Legate Lanius to The Courier]]|[[Fallout: New Vegas}}

My Currently RoadmapEdit

Hi, I'm Sebastian Giraldo from Colombia, I'm a fallout lover, I really love this game asides from their bugs or glitches, I dont mind at all, I currently owned both Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Both characters have my name, sebastian but I prefer be called iRock or Rock. I'm 16 and I dont think I'm not old enough for not liking video games, before spending my time in Fallout New Vegas, I was a trophy hunter due I have a PS3, feel free to add me. PSN= Rock_032.

I tried to make my Courier balanced and great, I keep my S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats this way(after buying all the implants):

  1. Strenght = Circus Strongman(8)
  2. Perception = Unsuspecting Trout(4)
  3. Endurance = Bullet Proof(9)
  4. Charisma = Cheery Salesman(6)
  5. Intelligence = Omniscient(10)
  6. Agility = Catlike(6)
  7. Luck = Stacked Deck(6)

I tried to kept a mid level for Strength to take stuff with me, I feel that perception doesnt matters that much so I put a low stat, after that I raised endurance to 8 for the implants and health bonus. Charisma wasnt that Important so I decide to kept it quiet, Intelligence was raised up to 10 for max skill points avaible, Agility didnt affect me that much so I leave it quiet and finally I raised up Luck to play on casinos! Ring a Ding Ding Baby !

My Fallout New Vegas Player StatisticsEdit

{{Creature stats FNV |Strength = 8 |Perception = 4 |Endurance = 9 |Charisma = 6 |Intelligence = 10 |Agility = 6 |Luck = 6 |Level = 35 |Hit Points = 435 |XP = Infinite lol |Skill = 100 with Lockpick, Science, Repair, Barter and Speech. |Attack Damage = 115, Anti Material Rifle |Special Damage = |Damage Threshold = 4 by NEMEAN Sub Dermal Armor Implant. }}

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Leather armor, reinforced
Authority glasses
Assassin suit
Ranger helmet
Hunting Rifle, Bolt Action mod, Expanded Mags mod
Ranger Sequoia
Machete gladius
Spiked knuckles
Grenade rifle
Lever-action shotgun
Bottle caps (8000)
Various Stimpacks
Various Chems and food
All belonged ammo.
Never !


No Dejemos Que Se Apague05:21

No Dejemos Que Se Apague


Veteran Ranger

  • There's an exclusive way to make them appear in Ranger Stations and Camp Forlon Hope early after Ring-A-Ding-Ding, Tested on PS3 the player must travel to The Fort and start Render Unto Caesar, Caesar will task the player to destroy the Securitron vault, Instead You can active the securitron vault for Wild Card: You and What Army? and The House Always Wins and Caesar will believe it was destroyed. After exiting Caesar's Tent many troopers, legionaries, wastelanders etc will often comment for the rest of the game that ,The veterans are comming and the NCR is getting serious about their war with Caesar's Legion, Making them appear. Following NCR main and side quests will only make them appear after You'll Know It When It Happens and During Eureka!.

Job's To DoEdit

Any Kind of job you want me to help or either work on edit this page and leave me a comment !

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