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Liverpool F.C. wikiEdit

This is the wiki I am most active on. If you are a fan of football (esp. LFC) and like to edit come by and help us out. Since adopting it we have done quite a bit with it and would love your help. Liverpool F.C. wiki

Fallout New Vegas Edit

Things I Like

  • Iron sights
  • Companions
  • Weapons
  • Weapon mods
  • Reloading benches
  • Armor
  • New Vegas
  • This Machine
  • Most of the missions

Things I hate

  • BUGS
  • Companions going missing when I fast travel
  • Cazadores
  • Deathclaws
  • (Note all of these things have gotten better since the patches.)

Is it better than Fallout 3?

Hard to say. They are different games. Fallout 3 had a vibe that was seriously post civilization to it. I did not have to pussyfoot around factions to do the things I wanted to do. New Vegas is too political sometimes. When you are asked to either witness an assassination or prevent it I lost all connection to a post civilization vibe I got from the other ones. I loved the guns though. And different ammo types. .223 in a 5.56 like in real life. Not all the damn shotguns had the same generic "shotgun shell" ammo they had in Fallout 3. I would say they are both awesome games. I did not get a huge wow factor I got out of playing FNV that I did FO3. Maybe it is because when I played FO3 I had never really played a game like it, and when I played FNV I sorta knew what I was in for. Great games. The final verdict would be based on the DLC I suppose. If they continued the story on in FNV like they did FO3 that would be ideal.

About Me Edit

Hey, I am Shane. I have played all of the Fallout games. My favorite is Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Sorry to the grumpy Fallout and Fallout 2 purists out there. My favorite add on for Fallout 3 is Broken Steel. My main save has about 80 hours logged where I play as a heavy armor small guns/ energy guns expert. I am excited for Fallout: New Vegas to come out and I know it will be an amazing game just like Fallout 3. I am interested in seeing the relation to the first two games and FNV. I am also the active Bureaucrat at the the Dark Tower Wikia. If and of you have ever read the books and are fans feel free to come by and help us edit. It is a very small wiki and there are so many articles that can be created.

Caps Edit

Because of my obsession with Fallout I collect caps IRL. I have thousands. Weird but I suppose everyone has a hobby. If there were any reason to hate Fallout 2 it would be because it does not have caps.

Rules to live by in the wasteland Edit

1. Find a place to live: You need a place to put you stuff. It is pretty simple really. You cannot carry around everything, and if you sell everything you won't have anything. Plus a man/woman needs a place just to call home.

2. Go underground, in a dungeon, or somewhere other than the wasteland: Yeah predictably there will be people/things that want you dead, but that is kinda why you need to be there. They have stuff. You want stuff. I mean you are not going to find an issue of Guns and Bullets walking around in the wasteland, and walking around aimlessly is just a great way of running out of bullets.

3. Hoard: This is post civilization people. There are not shows that will follow you around just because you have a bit of a problem with keeping stuff. It does not matter you are hoarding weapons, bullets, Instamash, or teddy bears. You just need to do it. Who knows that stuff may be worth something to someone someday.

4. Get a pet or a sexual partner: Hell these can even be one in the same. What happens behind closed doors is no business of mine. Companionship is important though. If you are alone all the time you are going to start talking to all of those teddy bears and garden gnomes you have been hoarding.

5. Get to know other people: You don't have to like them or even trust them. Knowing who your dealing with can be the difference between life and death.

6. Have fun: There is no "man" to get you down. Even if there is somewhere, killing them and taking their stuff will solve that. The world has ended and it is yours for the taking.

7. Keep up on your weapons skills: Weather it be energy guns, some kind of assault rifle, a minigun, or just a stick with a nail sticking out of it. Know how to use it. This tool is the only thing between you and six feet of dirt.

8. Don't be a bigot: Don't shoot at ghouls. Unless they are feral that is...

Dead Money Edit

Played through it again. I like it more now. Gold was cool too. 10,000 caps each good. I managed to get six back and the weapons without glitching.

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