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January 17, 2009

Gunner Bill has apparently been playing Fallout 3 for 179 hours of his life!!

I've taken a break from the main mission just prior to the final battle for Project Purity (after finding I was destined to die!!) to finish my exploration of the DC Wastelands.

Me, Fawkes and Dogmeat make a rare old team and if you meet up with us out there you'll find us to be courteous and willing to help...

This is still my first run through which I've done using the "good side" of the force. After seemingly struggling for caps for a while my earnings have suddenly sky-rocketed and I find myself with 33000 of the jingley little buggers! Needless to say my pad in Megaton is well pimped up. Just how many teddies can I put in my room?

I've played countless FPS inlcuding HL, HL2, COD (all), B41942 DC etc. etc. and most recently R6 LV (1 and 2). I have to say FA3 is simply the best game I have ever played by many orders of magnitude. Is this a common feeling?

Finding the Vault has added to this enjoyment, answered alot of questions and instead of spoiling the sense of discovery has only added to my amazement at the shear depth to this game. Praise to Bethesda!

Is it just me but is FA3 also the fastest loading game out there? - It sure seems so.

Any comm's on the game or my additions to the articles is more than welcome.


Gunner Bill

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