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About This Most Amazing Person

What I Play

Everything. Everything from RPS games like Fallout 3 to FPS games like Call of Duty to Music games like Rock Band. My all time favorite games on 360 are Oblivion and Fallout 3. For online play, my favorite is the Call of Duty series.

Everything I play is on XBox 360. I am not a fanboy of any one system, but I like huge game libraries. Nintendo had a huge library back in the day. Sony had the biggest library with PS2, and now the 360 has the biggest library. It gives me the opportunity to play a bigger variety of games. It doesn't hurt that so far 360 has had the best DLC Exclusives.

I am of the opinion that pirates and software thieves are killing the PC gaming world. As if that wasn't bad enough, it is too easy to mod games and tip the balance by changing or overwriting files. I will stick to the consoles, thanks.

You can email me at but I rarely return emails from people I don't know...if I even open them at all.

Call of Duty Custom Classes

I only really use one class, and make small changes to it based on the enemies we are playing.


1) Ninja Class

Primary Weapon - MP40 - Silencer - Any pistol - Gas Grenade Perk 1 - Bouncing Betties 2 - Camo 3 - Steady Aim or Matyrdom

I only use the pistol to set traps, so I never use a silencer on them. When I set betties in a good spot, I will fire the pistol to make it show up as a red dot and bring people to my betty traps.


1) Ninja Class

Primary Weapon - MP5 - Silencer - Any pistol - Stun Grenade Perk 1 - Claymore 2 - UAV Jammer 3 - Steady Aim or Martyrdom

For the elitists who think martyrdom is for noobs...I'm fine with that. I figure since people only complain after it has killed them, I still have the

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