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Fallout: New Vegas skill point distribution

Minimum distribution to achieve 100 in a skill, not taking into account implants or SPECIAL altering perks. Numbers in parenthesis indicate number needed with Comprehension perk. Honest Hearts workbench crate skill book spawns are not taken into consideration.

  • Barter: 79(72)
  • Energy Weapons: 79(72)
  • Explosives: 79(72)
  • Guns: 79(72)
  • Lockpick: 79(72)
  • Medicine: 79(72)
  • Melee Weapons: 79(72)
  • Repair: 79(72)
  • Science: 76(68)/73(64)
  • Sneak: 73(64)
  • Speech: 79(72)
  • Survival: 82(76)
  • Unarmed: 79(72)

Early FNV weapons

  • Hunting Rifle: McBride House, Case on the shelf by the kitchen
  • Trail Carbine: Ranger Andy's Bungalow, Case on the shelf above the bed.
  • Sniper Rifle: In a booby-trapped building NW of the New Vegas Medical Clinic behind a Hard locked door. Setting off the explosives may glitch it into a wall.

Need these


  • Incite the Kings to take up arms with the NCR before receiving Crocker's pardon. Lucky to get out of that with a Mixed rep even after using a silenced sniper rifle.
  • Went on YouTube to look up some Lonesome Road information... 20 cat videos later...
  • Metal Armor has remarkably low item HP...
  • Need to kill McLafferty using a Bottlecap Mine at least once.
  • FO Dev - Michael Dean

Do soon

  • cut content DLC notes
  • DLC audio recording?

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