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July 23, 2011
  • I live in Fort Wayne
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is Former Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, now an OA1 at BAE Systems
  • I am Male
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Love and Hate/Hockey Mask. Word.

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A Little Bit About MeEdit

I would like to give a shout-out to my friend TheGuardianCalligraphyGuardianoftheWastesTag for reviewing, and revising my New Vegas exploit, as well as offering me so much assistance and constructive criticism. I should also point out that he made my awesome avatar and chat link with the Finesse perk. I owe you big time brother!

My name is RoccoFinesse. I am obsessed with finding, and posting/cataloging glitches in the "Bugs" section of pages for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. If you frequent this Wiki, there is doubt you have seen some of my glitch edits. It is certain I have my hands full with Lonesome Road and Gun Runners' Arsenal... I can hardly even play them! ARGH!

I've been a Paratrooper in the Army for almost 7 years now. I'm originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but I currently reside in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I spent most of my free time on my last deployment playing Fallout 3 and my first deployment playing Oblivion religiously to the point where I can start a new game, and know exactly where to go for quests, weapons, bobbleheads, and loot without having to give it any thought. I'm here to learn more about the Fallout world, and make contributions to this site. I would like to learn more about the proper way to code/edit this site so that I can assist in improving pages as well as making new ones properly that don't currently exist. I thoroughly enjoy this site, and hope to make friends with more like-minded Fallout fans. Feel free to ask me any questions or just shoot the shit. If anyone knows any good ways to make my profile better let me know!

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My Notable/Major ContributionsEdit

Fallout 3Edit

Fallout: New VegasEdit

Gifts I Have Received (Or Gave Myself For Kicking Ass!)Edit

You have been given Rocco's Custom 82d Airborne Division 'All-American' M-4.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
For serving with distinction, honor, and dedication in combat with the 82d ABN DIV, through two rough tours. Comedian1988 08:46, September 11, 2011 (UTC)
1st Recon beret
You have been given Rocco's 1st Recon Maroon Beret.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
For being one bad motherfuckin' Paratrooper, not to mention one hell of a great shot! RoccoFinesse
Icon remnants power armor
You have been given A Set Of Advanced Remnants Power Armor.
Your efforts and diligence have not gone unnoticed, and you have been given a small token of appreciation.
Have one less thing to worry about when blasting enemies! Comedian1988 08:32, September 28, 2011 (UTC)

My Fallout StatsEdit

I have logged 500+ hours each in both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and have played completely through each about 6 times a piece. A little more than half of the time spent on Fallout 3 was in Baghdad, and I was so motivated playing that game during all my 'free time' while deployed, I came home and got the Finesse Perk tattooed on my right tricep.

I have 100% completion on both games, to include all add-ons to date. I am pretty knowledgeable on both games, and I prefer Guns over Melee/Unarmed/Energy weapons.

I wear Ranger battle armor with a Sheriff's hat and Ghoul mask in Fallout 3, and Desert Ranger combat armor or Elite riot gear with the 1st Recon beret and Elite riot gear helmet in Fallout: New Vegas, although I am still quite fond of the Stealth suit Mk II, even though it's an 8 point loss to DT. My favorite gun on Fallout 3 is The Terrible Shotgun, and my favorite on Fallout: New Vegas is a toss-up between Christine's COS silencer rifle, Bozar (Gun Runners' Arsenal), and the Gobi Campaign scout rifle, with second place being either the Ratslayer for weaker enemies, or the All-American for it's high number of shots in Vats, and general ass-kicking properties. I am still a fan of the Brush gun (Both variants) and Anti-materiel rifle (Both variants) when stealth isn't necessary, or I know I can dispatch the enemy with a single shot. The Grunt Perk + All-American = Destruction. When it comes to handguns, I use the 12.7mm pistol (Both variants) or .45 Auto pistol with a silencer for some up-close-and-personal assassinations. If I just want to humiliate the enemy, I am now fond of sneaking up on them with Blood-Nap to 'put them to sleep'.

I recently started playing a new character on Fallout: New Vegas where I mostly stick to Melee Weapons/Unarmed weapons, and I am highly impressed with the amount of damage you can do with them, since I was always strictly a Guns player. I especially like the special gloves/fist weapons from Old World Blues such as the Saturnite fist super-heated, and also realized I am in love with Knock-Knock, being that the only non-gun weapon I used on semi-regular basis prior to this playthrough was the Chainsaw.

I took the Bloody Mess perk on my newest playthrough to deal with the bullshit Ghost people in Dead Money. It's going a lot smoother on my 2nd time through DM.

On my newest playthrough of Old World Blues, I realized (At least on my game, on the PS3, maxed at Level 50) that the Ratslayer does just as much, if not more damage than Christine's COS silencer rifle to Lobotomites/Y-17 trauma override harnesses, and can pull off all 8 shots in one round of Vats mode due to my high number of Action points. I wouldn't even have brought a weapon I figured wouldn't do much damage had I not recently decided to pick it up for my unique weapon collection in the Lucky 38, and subsequently forgotten to drop it off. My first time through I stuck to Christine's COS silencer rifle and the Brush gun. The silencer rifle deteriorates WAY too fast, and is expensive to repair, and I could only get 2 shots per round of Vats, and the Brush gun only gave me 3 shots per round of Vats, not to mention it likes to glitch repeatedly causing multiple shots to miss. The silencer rifle isn't a problem this time around (I have over 200,000 caps in my inventory, and have every implant in the game so far with the exception of the Charisma Implant, and every weapon that can be modded fully modded and stored in the Lucky 38), but was almost too expensive to keep repairing my first time through.

Recently finished my first playthrough of Lonesome Road, and I have to say it was my favorite so far. It had an amazing storyline, awesome weaponry, and my favorite set of armor to date. I decided to spare Ulysses through Speech checks, and rather than let ED-E sacrifice himself, I nuked Dry Wells. I was already Vilified by the Legion, as this playthrough was all NCR until the very end, where my loyal Securitron Army rolls up... Will be playing through again shortly on an entirely new character, although I'm spoiled now and really don't want to play OWB or LR without certain weapons, perks, and armors. But I'll figure it out and make it happen.

My Current Order Of Ranking The DLC'sEdit

1. Lonesome Road

2. Old World Blues

3. Dead Money

4. Honest Hearts

Lonesome RoadEdit

Coolest location design, and had the most serious story. It effectively gives the player a better understanding of the Courier's past, as well as a bit of Mojave history, to include Ulysses' and ED-E's (Some, anyway) stories. It had my new favorite set of armor (Elite Riot Gear), and awesome voice acting as well. Marked Men adorned like Legate Lanius, with Ex-NCR and Ex-Legion working side-by-side to kill you? Are you kidding me? AWESOME!

Old World BluesEdit

Well put together with great voice acting, and very great due to the added comedy and wackiness. Gave the Courier the first glimpse into the mind of Ulysses, as well as bringing Veronica's storyline to life (Elijah & Christine, etc.). Gave me a great source of unlimited weapons and caps due to an exploit, which I have summarized here. (

Dead MoneyEdit

Darkest DLC, with a great story and unforgettable characters. Gave the players a taste of survival horror, and had a nice twist at the end which exposed what could happen to the Courier for giving in to his curiosity (Which is a main point brought up by Ulysses). Too bad it was very linear.

Honest HeartsEdit

Beautiful untainted landscapes with an awesome storyline. Brought the Burned Man to life, and gave the Courier a better understanding of the Legion, with ties to older Fallout games as well. Had some of the best DLC-based weaponry and an awesome story. Too bad it was so short, not to mention highly linear as well.

Gun Runners' ArsenalEdit

GRA is awesome, but not a "DLC" by definition like the others above, although downloadable, it was nothing more than a weapon pack with trophies and challenges. It should be utilized as early as possible when starting a new character, especially for those playing on hardcore mode. GlassJAw667

My Favorite PagesEdit

Red Lucy2

Red Lucy, Rocco's main stress-reliever.

Sarah Weintraub2

Rocco's Submissive New Vegas Leather-Vixen.


Rocco in his Dress Blues.


Rocco with his M240B 'Light' Machine Gun.

Who is Rocco, Codename: Apocalypse?Edit

Fictional character created by GlassJAw667.

Rocco roams the Mojave doing contract work for the NCR and The Followers of the Apocalypse. His expert knowledge of pre-war Howitzers has made him a fast friend of the Boomers, and due to these alliances he has made many enemies, but they fear him more than they fear the 1st Recon Sharpshooters because although you will not only fail to hear the shot that killed you, but you may also miss the starting of the Chainsaw that maims you just for shame. His skills were built due to several tours of duty with the Desert Rangers of Nevada, but he became disgusted will all the useless killing and razing of people from their homes, done in the name of NCR 'progress'. Although still an ally of the NCR, Rocco sharpened his skills to a brutal point after meeting an ex-1st Recon Sharpshooter by the name of Craig Boone in Novac. Together they bonded and honed their skills, picking off Legion Patrols like ghosts.

He has spent the past several months as a 'Guardian Angel' of sorts to Courier 6, who he sees as a man of principle that can help free New Vegas of Tyrants, and give it back to the people that deserve it. Caesar has sent out several groups of Assassins to target and dispatch Courier 6, and his 'Guardian Angel', but only one Assassin has lived and was allowed to return. He was shown to Caesar shortly after Boone and Rocco got a hold of him, and there was one word repeatedly carved on his body, 'Progress'.

Not much more is known at this time, some say he is an escaped Android from the Commonwealth that was instilled with memories of a long-dead Paratrooper from the 82d Airborne Division. Some even believe him to be an old-world experiment with cryogenics, where he was a Paratrooper who volunteered to be frozen, only to awaken over 250 years later. These theories may prove correct, as he was always seen wearing a maroon beret with an old-world artillery flash and insignia before replacing it with a 1st Recon flash and insignia on the front. Wherever he did come from is of little importance in this new future, his tale will most likely be buried as if it never existed. He will become a ghost story to old Soldiers, and Legion alike.

Special Thanks to Current Wiki UsersEdit

The following individuals have helped me tremendously. They have always been there, and offered assistance as well as constructive criticism, and have never been rude, or disrespectful about it in any way. I really appreciate it guys, and my contributions will only get better having learned so much from you all. Thank you so much.

Current Fallout: Wiki FriendsEdit

If you like following my blog, reading my nonsense, enjoyed my page, or just wanna shoot the shit about Fallout on a regular basis, feel free to place your name below.


The REAL reason I enlisted in the Army. This my page, it's full of a lot of my hilarious creations. So far I have made the Very Demotivational and ICHC Homepages two days in a row. Feel free to leave me some votes and comments if you guys are bored, and feel like laughing.

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