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  • I live in SC, USA
  • I am Male
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  • I'm (usually) immature and proud of it. If you want a mature side, you'll have to talk religion or politics. Then I get DOWN ON YO ASS, BRO.
  • Friendly is MAH middle name, sonn. Actually, it's Ryan, but nobody gives a shit about middle names. Oh, and to excuse a very common misconception, cussing doesn't mean I'm some hardass prick that'd as soon do your mother as look at you. I live in rainbow land and fly on ponies, so I can't help but be sweet and polite. I'M A MOTHERFUCKING ANGEL (not to be confused with the Joss Whedon television show, Angel).
  • If I were given the choice, I'd live in a post-nuclear US similar to Fallout, Mad Max, or A Boy and His Dog (great movie, I'm telling you). There's nothing better than your hair blowing the wind, evil bastard head exploding as you walk by (or when you shoot them, same difference), and walking through the Wastes like a badass with your little droogies (friends). Real-world weapons of choice after the destruction of all civilization as we know it? Sledgehammer for close melee encounters (of the third kind), Franchi SPAS-12 for close firearm encounters, Colt M16A4 Carbine for medium-range firearm encounters, and Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle for those more... decapitating long-range encounters.
  • As long as a girl is post-nuclear US is pretty, sweet, and showers, I'd like her just fine... Not really much different than my current standards, really. And I wouldn't have to worry about her criticizing my gaming interests. Those would all be destroyed, sadly.
  • Favorite YouTube Channels:

-vash12349 -TheNameIsVash -pyschadelicsnake -TheAuZZieGamer -JamesNintendoNerd

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