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February 10, 2012
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Steel be with you.

— B.O.S.
Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Assassin suit MK II
T-72b prototype power armor
Ncr Colonel outfit
Advenced prototype-LAER Assassin's blade Isaac's Sniper rifle Sonic emitter - death ray Stimpacks
Isaac's storage key
10.000 Ncr
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My gameplayEdit

I'm a fallout Fan player with more than 2000+ hrs of gameplay.

I have played Fallout 1 but not completed it.

I have played Fallout 3 many times times over with all the DLC's.

I have played Fallout New vegas many times over with all the DLC's.

About meEdit

Hi there fellow wikia contributer im Isaac or Ísak on icelandic and Obv im from Iceland and im 16 years old. i have a immature humor but not that immature tho, so im a pretty decent guy. Im a much of a sports and body builder and i have a brown belt in judo going for black belt then going to turn to MMA= mixed martial arts. for what spare time i have i play video games, sleep or go outside meet friends "or" that means i dont do that as much as i should do but im addicted to being inside playing video games.

What i have been doing on this wikia?Edit

I have been updating articles.

answering questions.

removing rubbish from articles.

being a good guy on chat :) well i hope so...

Altough I am from Iceland with a diffrent language making my grammar not reliable.

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