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G dog wanders the wastes helping those in need armed only with a Mysterious Magnum, combat armor, and a cowboy hat, sometimes with a man named Boone or Arcade Gannon but will always be seen with his pet eyebot ED-E. He is supports neither the NCR nor the Legion; all hit squads sent by them have been stripped almost naked for weapons, parts, currency, or anything else of value.

He loves Radio New Vegas. He is not afraid to kill but prefers to talk and charm his way out of violent situations.

Behind the scenesEdit

There is not much to say about me really, just that I like video games. I am currently part of the NUN program were they teach you how to become a better editor. My current mentor is Kastera1000. There is a link for the program on my talk page if you yourself are interested.


For when I do something worthwhile :D

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