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Gametitle-FNVThis user is knowledgeable about Fallout: New Vegas.
GunsThis user prefers using [Energy Weapons]] skill. His favorite weapons are the MF_Hyperbreeder_Alpha the Sprtel-Wood_9700, Paciencia (GRA), and Maria.
BoS logoThis user frequently takes sides with the Brotherhood of Steel.
EnclaveThis user enjoys finding and killing Enclave Soldiers.
FNV Mr House ScreenThis user allows Robert House to live.
Ulysses profileThis user respects Odysseus.
AnberlinThis user loves Anberlin passionately
4 Star Dragon Ball infoboxThis user is a fan of Dragon Ball

Faction Whether I kill them
New California Republic noIcon cross
Caesar's Legion noIcon cross
Boomers yesIcon check
Followers of the Apocalypse yesIcon check
Crimson Caravan yesIcon check
Gun Runners yesIcon check
Freeside yesIcon check
Novac yesIcon check
Primm yesIcon check
Bright Brotherhood yesIcon check
Westside yesIcon check
Powder Gangers noIcon cross
Kings Gang Members yesIcon check
Robert House yesIcon check
Great Khans noIcon cross
Omertas yesIcon check
White Glove Society yesIcon check
Van Graff yesIcon check
Happy Trails Trading Company noIcon cross
Fiends noIcon cross
Enclave Remnants noIcon cross
Jackals noIcon cross
The Strip yesIcon check
Jacobstown yesIcon check
Westside Militia noIcon cross
Brotherhood of Steel yesIcon check

Fallout Logic, the best kindEdit

  • >200 year old bubblegum, yum! Cc99910 Talk 23:51, June 17, 2012 (UTC)
  • > 19 year old comes out of sheltered life
    • > slaughters local town --Sign243Talk 15:22, June 17, 2012 (UTC)"
  • >Don't leave me here bitch I'm scared of the ghost people
    • >"You only can have one companion at a time"
    • >Tell you what, I'll meet you at the fountain bye --User:MrGazzo
  • >The tumbleweeds... are alive! NextTattoo"Even In Death May You Be Triumphant" 14:45, June 19, 2012 (UTC)
  • > Everyone walked in zig zags until 2277. Psychomantis108

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