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I have three characters, the first basically was a character I made to play through the main story line, as I was only renting the game at the time. My other two are more inept and I spent more time catering to specific playing styles.

1st Character - I had originally rented FO3 to see if I'd want to end up buying it, and basically just did a fast run through of the game, only focusing on the main quest and a few large side ones. I played this character out how I would probably go about living in the Wasteland had I been born into the Fallout world. A loner, opportunist styled character, always looking out for number one, only going out of his way to help others if he benefited from it. I blew up Megaton, and got my Tenpenny Suite. I only got to level 17 and decided to beat the main quest before having to return the game.

2nd Character - This time I chose to play a character more closely built to how I act towards people in real life. This character was a master in small guns and speech and had a whole lot higher karma than my first one. I tried to give this character a deeper purpose in the game world, and while not roleplaying, I certainly gave him a story of his own, making the main storyline flow right along with this character. I saved Megaton on this character, and went out of my way customizing and decorating my megaton house full of unique items and other junk I had this character collect. One thing I do on every character of mine is collect the variants of each vault jumpsuit and display them on shelves, lol.

3rd Character - This character I'm currently still playing and plan to, as I've just reached level 20, and still have alot I want to accomplish, and by now I've got a full understanding of everything there is to do in the game. I made this character a female, and actually am putting even more of a story behind this one. I wanted alot of deep shit with this character, and ended up making a sorta sexy, psychotic, serial killer bitch, lol. Dunno why, but it seemed like fun. Even though this character has very low karma, I've made her a sort of charmer, with the black widow perk + high speech, but also maxed melee weapons, so it's like a female Butcher Pete, lol. Oh yeah this one's also a cannibal with a Nuka-Cola machine full of body parts. I have to say, the detail I put into this characters house is pretty crazy, as I turned the extra room in my megaton house into a butchering room with my auto-axe being the final touch...pretty creepy, but I love scary movies and kinda based it off a few.

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