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May 20, 2011
  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is Boss
  • I am a harbinger

A little bit about meEdit

I started coming to the wiki shortly after I started playing Fallout 3. Some days I spend more time lurking about on here than I do on my Xbox. Primarily because I'm stuck in an office doing paperwork all day. I don't really do edits on articles; I'm more or less a grammar nazi so occasionally I change some things here and there in an attempt to make things more understandable. I spend a lot of my time on here going through the forums trying to help people with issues they're having on either Fo3 or New Vegas, or I just chit chat about this n' that.

Outside the WikiEdit

You can find me on XBL @ Papermushrooms.

Games I play other than FalloutEdit

I play various titles spread out over multiple genres. I usually start playing games from one particular genre and stay with it for a while before going on to something else. Here's a list of some of the titles I play or have played. I'll try to keep the list updated.

Xbox 360 Games

Assassins Creed series, Beautiful Katimari, Borderlands, Burnout series, Crackdown series, Dead Rising Series, Devil May Cry Series, Fable(1 & 3, 2 was horrible), Fallout(3 and New Vegas), Gears of War series, Grand Theft Auto IV, Halo series(for the campaign), Left 4 Dead series, Need For Speed series, Portal series, Prototype, Saints Row series, Soul Calibur series, Split/Second, Star Wars:TFU2, The Last Remnant, Too Human, Turok (more to be added soon)

Xbox Live Arcade

Castle Crashers, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Geometry Wars:Retro Evolved(1 & 2), Heavy Weapon:Atomic Tank, Hexic(HD & 2), Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Lumines Live, Marble Blast Ultra, OutRun Online Arcade, Sonic 4 Episode 1, Supreme Commander, The Dishwasher(Dead Samurai & Vampire Smile), Toy Soldiers(1 & Cold War), Trials HD, Zuma Deluxe (more to be added soon)


Coming soon...

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